Can baby eat white radish (benefits+precautions)?

White radish is a nutritious vegetable. You may want to give your baby this crisp food, but before that, you may ask: Can my baby eat white radish?

According to modern research, white radish contains mustard oil, amylase and crude fiber, which can promote digestion, increase appetite and accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine also believes that this vegetable is very helpful for dyspepsia and loss of appetite, so it is time to study whether your baby can eat white radish.

White radish is a nutritious vegetable. You may want to give your baby this crisp food.
White radish is a nutritious vegetable. You may want to give your baby this crisp food.

Can the baby eat white radish?

In fact, your baby can eat a small amount of white radish. But not in the form of whole white radish, but in the form of white radish paste or white radish milkshake.

Why can the baby eat white radish

No matter from the perspective of modern medicine or traditional medicine, if you give your baby white radish, it will not produce too bad side effects.

According to a study, it is extremely rare that if you have a history of metal allergy, then you may be allergic to white radish.

According to Chinese traditional medicine, your baby should eat radish properly. No matter adults or children, if they eat too much white radish, they may have symptoms such as excessive abdominal gas and increased farting.

Your baby may enjoy the following benefits (based on traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine) when eating white radish:

  • Promote digestion
  • Increase appetite
  • Accelerating gastrointestinal peristalsis
  • Prevent cough
  • stand up to cancer
  • Protect skin
  • Prevent constipation
  • Relieving respiratory diseases, such as throat inflammation
  • It can be used for adjuvant treatment of common cold.

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Possible disadvantages

Eating white radish properly will not have side effects on your baby. But there are some possible side effects that need your attention:

  • Don’t eat white radish when you have diarrhea. According to traditional Chinese medicine, if you have diarrhea and cannot eat white radish, it may aggravate the illness and is not conducive to recovery.
  • Don’t eat with herbs. If you eat herbs together with white radish, it may cause the effect of herbs to be ineffective.
  • Don’t eat with carrots. White radish has very high vitamin C content, which is very beneficial to human health. If mixed with carrots, vitamin C will be lost completely. The reason is that carrots contain an enzyme called ascorbic acid, which destroys vitamin C in white radish.
  • Don’t eat too much white radish. As mentioned above, if you eat too much white radish, you may have too much abdominal gas, increased farting or stomach discomfort.

If you want to give your baby white radish, you’d better not use it as raw white radish.

The best way is to make white turnip into milkshakes, white turnip puree or white turnip soup so that babies can easily swallow and absorb this vegetable.

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