How do women live better after divorce?

Women in the marriage if they stubbornly insist on it, it is better to choose the divorce to end their own status quo, but many women do not dare to do this, because the divorce of women seems more unfortunate, in fact, this is mainly a woman’s psychological work, This is not the case! What should women pay attention to after divorce? How can I be better?

What should women pay attention to after divorce? How can I be better?
What should women pay attention to after divorce? How can I be better?

Don’t go too close to your ex-husband

This is what attracts people’s attention. A pair of divorced men and women, who are still in contact after a divorce, or are often together, then almost everyone will think that your divorce is just a form. If you still have hope for your marriage and are still reluctant to your ex-husband, then it is recommended that you quickly negotiate remarriage. If you really die, then try to stay away from your ex-husband and your ex-husband’s family. Not to be with your ex-husband more often, to hear from outsiders, and how do you start your new life?

Never degenerate

After all, divorce is not a trivial matter. Divorce is a matter that requires courage and is the most gratifying thing. She married for three years and divorce took three years to completely understand. Therefore, after the divorce, the woman will have too many grievances in her heart. There are too many bitter ones that cannot be answered, but she cannot speak so much with others. So the woman after the divorce will certainly have some self tempered. Sadness is inevitable, but you mustn’t let yourself go. You can adjust your feelings a bit. What to do quickly, you don’t have time to say tired.

More self-esteem and self-love

Xiao Bian most admired, is still eager to live after the arrogant and self-esteem of the woman, the most terrible, is the divorce broke the jar of women. It seems that if you divorce, you are not a woman. Do not be reserved. Do not be moral. Even dignity is not required. Such a woman can only say that she will not be happy for a lifetime. Because of the divorce, you must live your own way. Don’t let people think you’re an abandoned woman. You’re a man abandoned by a man. You love yourself, you are more reserved, and you live more with dignity. There are also some women who find a family man after a divorce and betray their own money and material. Such a woman really has no shame.

Do not accept any defects

There is no shortage of women like us. Divorced, the children followed their ex-husband or aunt, and lived their own lively, with different men can not tell the relationship between the unknown, but also maintain a continuous relationship between multiple men. No matter what you are for, money, or loneliness, you don’t want to have an affair with any man. You can choose your emotional destination again. You can have your own friends and friends, but you can’t casually Other men are jealous. This will not only make others look down on you, even your parents, your children, will be so little by others. Xiao Bian has a woman here. After she divorced, she took her children to live in her parents’ house. She was entangled with the married woman of the same unit. As a result, she was jokeed wherever she went. Her children were left in the school.

Pay attention to the child’s mood

Divorced men and women are very sad and tired. What about divorced children? One person was originally a father, a mother, two people who were the most intimate and most dependent, but suddenly became a stranger. It was also necessary to choose one person to live together, and the other person might not see it for a long time. Very cruel to children, divorced, the deepest and heaviest hurt, is a child. Therefore, if the child is behind you after the divorce, you must not only care about your feelings and ignore the child. Xiao Bian has always felt that mothers must take up the duties of their mothers. If they are divorced unfortunately, they must be prepared to become fathers and mothers again. If they cannot give their children a complete home, they should give the children twice as much. The concern is that, in this way, you can make your child less regretted by the lack of fatherly love and allow your child to grow physically and mentally.

Work hard to earn more money

Although women in marriage also have to work to make money, but there is a husband together to take the expenses of the family, take care of the children together, the pressure is generally much smaller. After the divorce of a woman, especially with a child, the point raised by the man is pitifully low, not to mention that there are too many lords who don’t give the child a penny of support after the divorce. Then women must be responsible for all the costs of the children, but also take care of their parents, but also to allow themselves to eat and wear but also to make their lives better, then it must represent their own hands to make more money. Therefore, after the divorce, the woman must get rid of some inertia. If she can do more work, she can do more. Even if she works for two jobs or even three jobs, she must earn more. Money is not everything, but when you leave money, you are nothing.

Keep fit and skin

There is no law that shows that women who work hard to earn money must hold a sly face, deformed figure, and rough skin. The woman after the divorce no matter how hard life, no matter how tired the work, do not forget the maintenance of their own skin and body.

Re-search for feelings should pay attention

Divorced women will not easily find their own feelings again. Once they start looking again, they will need too much courage. So, if you want to re-find your feelings after divorce, you must be rational. Do not be so innocent and simple with the little girl, what romance is, love at first sight, heart-warming, ah, etc. Those things you once owned, what do they bring to you? However, the disappointment and desperation again and again gave you a failed marriage. Therefore, when you are re-searching for emotions, you must use your calmness and rationality, consider your own conditions, your children, your parents, and even consider each other’s conditions. To speak like this, it is better to leave it out and not to make it.

Health and safety are always the first

This is something that has always been emphasized, even for women in marriage, not to mention divorcing women. After divorce, you have to take care of and educate your children, take care of your parents, and take up your life. If you don’t have health and peace, what do you take on it? Women have no health and peace, everything is empty talk. Those people who say the same will choose to live a more comfortable life for themselves, instead of choosing to stay with you. Those who say love and affection in their mouths will also talk to others when you suffer. Love. Your parents and children are worried about you with you, but what can you do for them? But add a burden to them. Therefore, we must remember that regardless of how difficult it is to live after divorce, we must have self-respect, love ourselves, and work harder to make more money to care for children and parents. We must always pay attention to our peace and health.

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