What should I do with itchy skin after exercise? what is the reason?

Is it itchy after a workout? Maybe because of this physique!

Is there such an experience: It is rare to have a good storm to go to the park to run, I did not expect to sprint for 10 minutes, the whole body is itching, while catching and running, and finally lost, and even reduced the willingness to exercise, what should I do?

3 major reasons, it hurts when you exercise

Reason 1: No exercise habits

Exercise requires a lot of blood to be transported to the whole body muscles, which is why it makes you itch. Lin Xinkai, director of the rehabilitation department and sports medicine department of Fuxin Hospital, pointed out that microvessels will expand during exercise, allowing blood to enter the muscles. When it expands, it will stimulate the peripheral nerves and have itchy feeling.

Most people who have such a phenomenon do not have exercise habits at ordinary times, and exercise exceeds physical load.


The habit of regular exercise, the body will adapt slowly, and the itching will disappear. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center also pointed out that as long as the exercise will be itchy, the heart and lung function will be enhanced and the symptoms will disappear. If it is really itchy, you can tap or use a cooling spray to reduce itching. sense.

When itching during exercise, you can slow down or reduce the intensity of exercise. After drying the sweat, use a wet towel to reduce the body surface temperature, and moderate warming before exercise can reduce the chance of itching. strength.

In addition, Niijima-Yaoita F, a professor at Tohoku Pharmaceutical University in Japan, pointed out that during exercise, histamine is released to prevent sports injuries, so eating antihistamine before exercise also has a relief effect.

Reason 2: Skin problems

Huang Genghui, a dermatologist at Chang Gung Hospital, pointed out that some people have atopic dermatitis, which is itchy by the increase in body temperature and sweat. In addition, some people are born with “choline type urticaria”. Huang Yihui has such symptoms. Every time he chases the school bus, he runs and grabs it. He almost missed several times.


“Cholesteric urticaria” can only be controlled and cannot be cured. Huang Yihui said that this symptom will disappear after about 30 to 60 minutes. Generally, there is no need to seek medical treatment or medication. However, if the itch is uncomfortable, it is recommended that before or after exercise. Eat antihistamines to reduce itching, or see if it is caused by other causes of itching. Lin Yikai also reminded that some antihistamines can cause drowsiness. If you don’t want to have such a situation, you can remind the doctor.

Reason 3: Clothing friction

The friction of clothing and the stimulation of sweat during exercise will also be itchy. As for which materials are easy to itch, Lin Yikai points out that each body is different, so it is difficult to sum up which materials are particularly susceptible to allergies.


The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center recommends that you apply lotion before exercise to prevent it. Try different materials to test if you are allergic. You can also choose moisture wicking clothes to reduce the amount of time your sweat stays on your skin.

In addition, itching during exercise is also related to food. If you know that you have food allergies, try not to eat before exercise. “If you don’t know which foods are allergic, then it is recommended to keep an empty stomach before exercise, such as exercise before breakfast. University of Southern California professor of pharmacy, Allen Kaplan (MD) said.

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