Not losing to age, sports make me prefer myself

Speaking of running my own business, I want to share my changes in the past year, that is, I love sports, make my body healthier, lower body fat, and let myself return to the best shape.

I must sincerely tell you that women (not only women) must maintain themselves in the best condition, the best posture, and the happiest mentality, must exercise!

In fact, I didn’t pay too much attention to my body after marriage. I accidentally broke through the limit of weight. I didn’t really care about it. Anyway, after marriage, I didn’t dress very much, and I didn’t wear too sexy clothes. So right. The body is not too concerned. However, slowly I found out that I could only wear some clothes that were very ordinary and didn’t emphasize my body. I didn’t wear the fitted clothes that I bought when I was single. I didn’t care. But when I started to buy some clothes that would cover the meat, I finally began to be afraid. Will I become a big man right away?

Because of the ease and indolence after marriage, the habit of maintaining my exercise stopped. Until one day I found out that I could not continue this way, so I began to find the habit of exercising.

Taiwan from the media: Queen
Taiwan from the media: Queen

Not losing to age, determined to exercise

I started to practice core sports, because I have never practiced the core, so many actions can’t support it, and my stomach has no strength. So I can only continue to practice. I don’t want my belly to become fat. Then go to class, do some aerobic, anaerobic exercise, weight training, etc., slowly found that my body fat fell 4% after half a year! Really inspiring!

In the past, although many people thought that I was thin, but in fact I was just fake, because the natural hands and feet are thin, so as long as I reveal my legs, it will look thin, but in fact the body is still fleshy. Since the beginning of the exercise, I also fell in love with challenging myself. The original core has no strength, and gradually has the strength to support it. It is really very happy to accidentally practice a little vest line.

I have been exercising for a year. Although I still eat as usual (who told me to eat), but it is not very fat. It turns out that because the muscle mass has increased, the metabolism has also improved. How to maintain the exercise habits is also a good comparison. Not fat.

Because I like to cook, I often cook my own food. The advantage of cooking is that the oil and ingredients are better, so I won’t get unhealthy and bad oil. Cooking yourself is also a good way to maintain health and size.

Now I find that the clothes I bought too small have been worn, it is really amazing, and it is very exciting! After starting the exercise, I became more confident and focused on dressing. The other half looked more happy (who called him a beautiful Libra). I found that women become beautiful, marriage will be happier, marriage is happy, and women will be made. It is really beautiful, it really complements each other.

To be a good person now better than the past

Now I often call my friends around me a lot of exercise, in fact, not only for the body, but also for health. If we are old, we must go, travel, and play everywhere, then there is a healthy body to have the money. With good physical strength, you can move and play!

I don’t like to be a person who loves to look back. Some people will look back on themselves many years ago and lament that there is no previous body and appearance. Of course, people will be old, but some people are well maintained and well maintained. Now it looks better than the past. I hope that I am the one who looks back and rejoices that I am better now than the past and better than the past. Then, I will not sigh and love my past, but I will live my best now. It is the price of my efforts!

Now I am back to the college age, I don’t have to worry about wearing clothes or worrying about hiding clothes. After I get better, I become more confident, energetic, and more like myself.

More sporty girl, the body will be very good

“Lively” becomes a habit

Many friends feel that the exercise is very tired and very troublesome. In fact, it is not the beginning to set a high goal to kill themselves, but to develop a habit of moving. For example, if you want to walk more, climb the stairs when you take the MRT, and watch TV at home, you can make a good habit of moving at any time. You don’t have to go to the gym, or you have to train very tired. If I don’t have time to go to class, I will keep a good habit of “active” in my daily life.

Then, try to avoid fried foods on the diet (I really want to eat, eat it once in a long time), and don’t look too clean and unhealthy. Also, I am glad that I am not a sweet tooth, so dessert is not tempting for me. I don’t like to drink sweet drinks, so I don’t usually have sugary drinks. This is a good habit. It is also very important.

When a happy foodie

I have always been a happy foodie, like food, so it is impossible to go on a diet for the body, not too painful to eat, will make me feel bad. I don’t feel guilty when enjoying food, but enjoy it with pleasure. It’s good to go to sports after a big deal. Don’t be unhappy even if you eat something. It’s too hard to live! Don’t force yourself to die.

Even if you are fatter now, give yourself encouragement, as long as you work hard, you can return to your ideal body. Don’t be an unhappy person, be controlled by your body or weight figures, and say that you are fatter girl all day, it is very unattractive! Honestly, boys won’t find you getting fatter, and you don’t need to say it everywhere.

I have found that some people have been losing weight, they are abusing themselves, not eating, but also mad, but they have been thin. They always say that they are fat, and when they have a meal with friends, they will eat fat and eat fat. They always treat themselves with a very negative and very harsh attitude. It is very distressing to read. In fact, you don’t have to be so reluctant, maybe let yourself relax, use your happy mood to face sports and diet, don’t give yourself too much pressure, take your time, don’t worry, the key is to develop your own healthy life method. .

Everyone has a different approach, but I have found that it is natural to be healthy, happy, and better. Naturally, your body will respond to you.

Since the development of the good habits of the movement, the core is more powerful, after the vest line is not carefully developed, the physical strength is also better, not so easy to be tired, the point is that wearing clothes is more confident, rather than worry about where to cover. Although it is getting older, it is impossible to be as good as physical strength when you are young, but to maintain yourself in a good state, have a good habit of exercise, and the body will naturally be healthier.

Women must not feel that they are old, married, or have stable feelings. They forget to take care of themselves, take care of themselves, and make progress. Moreover, let yourself be beautiful, the other half is also pleasing to the eye, and occasionally jealous, more fun with you to go out, I am happy to read.

The way to make yourself confident is to try to keep yourself in good shape. Not to compare with others, compare with yourself. With confidence, you will naturally become more attractive!

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