Is fruit candied fruit? Is the heat high? Why add preservatives?

Preserves ≠ fruits ≠ dried fruits

Candied fruit is not the same as dried fruit! Candied fruit is treated with sugar, and osmotic pressure is used to reduce water activity, while fruit drying is used to reduce water content in fruit to reduce water activity. Both treatments can reduce the growth of microorganisms. The effect of prolonging the storage period can be achieved.

Fruit preserve
Fruit preserve

Do you like to eat candied fruit and dried fruit? The rich aroma that you can feel when you get close to your mouth, the sweet, sour and salty taste that comes out of your mouth, the rich taste of both, whether you eat it directly or use it to make drinks or snacks, it is a daily life that makes the tip of your tongue feel more exciting. Or lack of taste.

However, in many people’s hearts, although the honey is delicious, it is afraid of eating unhealthy! In the “Good Food Pulse” lecture held by the Food and Environmental Welfare Education Foundation, a professor from the Department of Food and Applied Biotechnology of ZTE University and Xie Changwei, who has the reputation of “Mei Tada”, was invited to unravel the myths and mysteries of the candied fruit. Peace of mind is no longer difficult!

There are many common myths about candied fruit, most of which are in nutritional value and food additives. What myths are most curious for many people? Xie Changwei untied several classic myths:

1: Can you eat preserved vitamin C instead of fruit?

Candied fruit and dried fruit are mainly hobby foods. The characteristics of such foods are to bring satisfaction, not to nutritional value. Although dry or sugar-stained processing procedures will destroy the vitamin C content of the fruit, but still retain the minerals and dietary fiber of the fruit, so the dried candied fruit is not completely nutritious! But if you want to add vitamin C, you still have to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

2: It is not high in eating calories?

Is your tongue cheated? Eating sweet and unsweetened first involves the influence of sugar and acid on human taste. The original taste of candied fruit and dried fruit is usually very acidic. When adding, some sugar will be added to balance the acidity. The added sugar is affected by sour taste. It’s so sweet to eat sugar, but it’s already sugared, of course, there’s still a lot of calories! Similarly, some sugars such as trehalose are not sweet, but the heat is close to sucrose. Therefore, eating sweet is not equal to calories!

4 slices of dried fruit may be equal to the heat of half a bowl of rice, so it is good to eat when it is right!

3: Do you have a lot of preservatives for dried fruit and candied fruit?

In fact, in terms of the principle of dried fruit and candied fruit, the water activity of the two (an important factor affecting the growth of microorganisms) is very low, so there is no need to add preservatives, just to take into account the modern population who do not love too dry wood. Dry and candied fruit can not shrink when the sugar is stained directly with high sugar. Therefore, in order to keep the water dry, or to use the low sugar content of the initial candied honey, it is possible to add preservatives to ensure Will not be corrupt.

In addition, dried fruit may sometimes add pigments and bleach to make the candied fruit look better. If it is added within the scope of the regulations, it is not too much to worry about eating in moderation.

Why does a candied fruit use several sweeteners at the same time?

Sugar and sweeteners can make people feel sweet, but in fact, different sugars and sweeteners will bring different sweet taste, and can be divided into pre-sweet, medium sweet and sweet after the tongue. In other words, sweetness has different levels. If the candied fruit is made only with sucrose, the cost and calories will be high, and if the different sweeteners are properly mixed, the sugar can be reduced while the product tastes more layered.

In the face of the use of different food additives in candied fruit and dried fruit, “good ingredients must know the most reasonable way to add each ingredient, and make good use of each ingredient. This is the purpose of food science!” Don’t over-superstitious Handmade, natural slogans, when purchasing, it is most important to choose a product with complete packaging and clearly labeled ingredients.

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