18 common sense of life prevention to help you stay away from doctors

“Who can still have a patient?” This is a line in a Chinese TV series. Anyone who reads this sentence will have a deep understanding. Even if “high-priced drugs” have been included in medical insurance, “no money to cure” is still a huge problem.

Therefore, instead of blaming the social system and pharmaceutical companies, it is better to prevent diseases! Today, How to be health summarizes the recommendations of 18 department doctors, collects them and executes them, which will keep you away from the disease!

kids playing football
Exercise is the most common way to stay healthy

Blood doctors don’t want you to dye hair often

The main component in hair dyes is p-phenylenediamine. P-phenylenediamine is indeed one of the internationally recognized carcinogens, and its harm to human body has been widely recognized at home and abroad. But this does not mean that “hair dye can cure cancer” because the causes of cancer are many.

Although the use of hair dye does not necessarily lead to cancer, experts warn: Phenylenediamine also has a greater harm to the human body, which can cause allergies. Even if it is used correctly, some people may be allergic, and the skin of the head and face may be red. The rash, the yellow water, the eyelid edema, etc., are even life-threatening. Therefore, people with sensitive scalp or local inflammation should not dye their hair, and do not try DIY hair dyeing. It is necessary to test whether the skin of the head is allergic, and then decide whether to dye the hair according to the test results.

If you want to dye your hair, it is recommended to choose a regular hair dye and read the ingredient list carefully. Do not be superstitious about the so-called “pure natural plant” hair dyes. Currently, hair dyes on the market are chemical components. Before dyeing hair, you should carefully check the scalp for wounds, dermatitis, etc. If you have any of the above, you should not dye your hair.

Frequent dyeing of hair can even cause heavy metal poisoning, especially for those with lower resistance such as the elderly and pregnant women. It is best to have more than half a year between dyeing twice.

Oncologists don’t want you to eat moldy food

If the food is moldy, will you still eat it? Many people, especially those at home, will choose to dig away the rotten parts and then eat the “not broken” part. This is not advisable. The vitality of mold is quite tenacious. The moldy part visible to the naked eye is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, as long as the food has already developed mildew, it means that other parts of the food have already been invaded by bacteria. The correct way is to throw it away.

Some moldy foods pose a risk of carcinogenicity such as:

  • Moldy corn, peanuts, bread, and higher-carbohydrate foods. These foods are contaminated with mold and produce carcinogenic mycotoxins (such as aflatoxin, which is very toxic, and its toxicity is about 68 times that of arsenic). It is the most harmful to the liver and easily induces liver cancer.
  • Moldy fruits contain a kind of mold, which can cause intestinal dysfunction to a certain extent. In particular, sugar cane contains toxins on the nervous system, and serious death can occur.

High temperature, high humidity, and prone to bacterial food poisoning. Experts advise: buy food in a single dose, moldy food must not eat.

Nephrology experts hope that you don’t often “Hold back urine”

When watching a game, a TV series, it is a wonderful moment. How can I miss it because I go to the bathroom? Can the urine be intolerable? In the long run, it destroys the normal regularity of the bladder. If the “Mr. Bladder” is extremely inflated for a long time, a large amount of urine stays in the bladder for a long time, which creates conditions for the growth and reproduction of bacteria. The bacteria in the normal urethra will go up. And stay in the bladder, mass reproduction and growth, it is easy to cause urinary tract infection. Stubborn bacteria sometimes reverse to the kidneys causing more severe pyelonephritis. Women’s urethra is short, and close to the vagina and anus, so it is easy to infect bacteria and cause acute cystitis. It can even cause kidney damage and induce bladder cancer.

The dentist does not want you to open the beer with your teeth.

We often see people use their teeth to open beer bottles, or use their teeth to tear open paper bags or potato chips. In response, the dentist warned that the teeth should not be used as a bottle opener, scissors or other tools, as this would greatly increase the risk of tooth breakage and root damage. The teeth are not diamonds. It is not well protected now. It will cost money to repair them later. It is not worth the loss!

Orthopedic experts don’t want you to sit on a soft sofa

“Reclining sofa” is one of the most hurtful postures in our lumbar spine! The body forms a triangle between the sofa seat and the sofa back, and the back is suspended. The shoulders and the waist become the points of force. For a long time, the sitting position, the lumbar vertebrae are pressed, and there is no supporting force, and the overall sinking is shortened. The central axis of the body moves backwards. Over time, it is easy to cause lumbar disc herniation, resulting in spinal deformity. ”

It is best to sit on a chair with a backrest, to make it harder, so that the buttocks are close to the seat, and the back is relaxed enough to relieve the pressure on the waist.

Rice paste, a food that seems to be suitable for newborns, is not actually

Pediatricians don’t want you to feed your child too early.

Newborn babies, all aspects of the body are in a state of adapting to the new environment, the ability is still very poor, especially the digestive system is developing, in an unsound state, the number of enzymes is very small.

And we know that the main ingredient of rice paste is starch, which requires amylase to decompose it, and the amount of amylase in the newborn is small, and it is impossible to effectively decompose the rice paste, so the newborn can not digest the rice at all. Paste and other complementary food. And the undigested rice paste may cause digestive dysfunction in the newborn, and the most intuitive manifestation is diarrhea. Moreover, the undigested rice paste will also affect the child’s appetite, causing it to fail to properly consume breast milk. In severe cases, it may cause malnutrition and affect infant development. Therefore, it is not recommended to prematurely give your child a rice cereal supplement. The baby can add complementary food in about 6 months.

Respiratory specialists don’t want you to over-renovate

New home decoration, many people want to make the room suitable for their style, all kinds of luxury flooring, wallpaper, new furniture… I don’t know the more luxurious the decoration, the more serious the pollution. The newly renovated house will always have some bad smells, which will definitely affect the human respiratory system, especially for pregnant women and newborns, which will increase the chance of your baby suffering from asthma.

The harmful substances emitted by the decoration materials, which are represented by formaldehyde and benzene, are extremely harmful to the human body. According to national medical statistics, most childhood leukemias are caused by decoration pollution, and environmental pollution is considered to be an important cause of childhood leukemia. Therefore, the decoration should not be too complicated, too frequent, and should be kept for a while after the decoration.

Obstetricians and gynecologists do not want you to bathe with hotel towels

The hotel’s sheets, towels and bath towels are supposed to be strictly disinfected, but there are some employees who are not up to standard, and some unscrupulous businesses that reduce the formal cleaning and disinfection steps in order to reduce costs. Disinfection is not good, it is easy to infect some diseases, so it is best not to eat the hotel’s bath towels for personal use. Not for women, men are not recommended.

The digestive doctor doesn’t want you to drink tea or coffee regularly.

Most modern people are night owls, do not sleep at night, no spirit during the day, strong tea and coffee become a daily essential. Drinking tea is good for health, but drinking tea for a long time is easy to cause gastroesophageal reflux. Gastric acid flows into the esophagus and corrodes organs, which is extremely harmful to people.

The acidity, oil and caffeine in coffee may stimulate the gastric mucosa and promote gastric acid secretion. Drinking caffeine-containing drinks for a long time may cause stomach problems.

Therefore, it is recommended to drink tea when drinking tea. Do not drink if the tea is opened.

Urologists don’t want you to eat late at night and hot pot

China’s “late night dining hall” is barbecue, ice beer, mala, spicy crayfish and hot pot. The World Cup is very popular, and you can’t stop eating it all night, but do you know the danger?

First of all, it is easy to produce stones. The peak period of human calcium is often 4 to 5 hours after a meal. If the nightingale is too late, when the peak of calcium is coming, the person has gone to bed and sleep, and the urine is retained in the urinary tract such as the ureter, bladder, urethra, etc. Excreted in time, causing the urinary calcium to increase, easy to deposit to form small crystals, over time, gradually enlarge the formation of stones; secondly increase cholesterol. I often like to eat nightingale. If I eat high-fat, high-protein foods, it is easy to cause a sudden increase in blood lipids in the human body; once again, it is difficult to consume nutrients and is prone to fatty liver.

Sweating is the most common phenomenon in summer

Cardiologists don’t want you to “sweating” after a cold

The common people have always believed that it is a cold, and it is good to exercise a sweat. But from a medical point of view, this is a misunderstanding and it is fatal. If you have a cold, you should pay attention to rest, otherwise it will increase the infection rate of viral myocarditis.

After a cold, sweating may cause the symptoms of the cold to be alleviated, but this is more common in a few people with strong constitution, early cold or mild symptoms. For most people, especially children, the infirm and the elderly, it is harmful to participate in physical exercise during a cold.

If you have a cold, then exercise, such as playing, running, etc., will further increase the body’s heat production, metabolism is more vigorous, this will inevitably cause hyperthermia, and thus the body’s regulatory function is abnormal, so that the excitability of the central nervous system is excessively increased, the body’s Excessive consumption of energy substances such as sugar, fat, protein, etc., will weaken the body’s resistance and greatly increase the consumption of oxygen, thus increasing the burden on the heart, lungs and other systems, thus making the virus more likely to invade the heart muscle.

Most of the colds are caused by viral infections. Viral infections are self-limiting diseases, mainly based on rest. If you have symptoms such as palpitation, palpitations, chest pain, etc. after a cold, you should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination in time to avoid delays and aggravation.

Dermatologists don’t want you to exfoliate often

“Extraordinary exfoliation can make skin better.” This is the wrong perception. The reason why the stratum corneum is called the protective barrier of our skin is because it can avoid the direct damage of the skin to some external environment. . If we have been cleaning the protective substances at a high frequency, it is bound to break such a balance, making the skin’s tolerance worse and worse, so there will be allergies.

The correct way is to control the frequency of exfoliation. If it is oily, it can be 2 to 3 times in a month. If the skin is more fragile and sensitive to dry skin, then it is necessary to reduce the frequency appropriately, and it can be done 1 or 2 times within 30 days.

Chinese medicine does not want you to eat health care products

Modern people are paying more and more attention to health care, health care halls and health care products are more and more, but the efficacy and medicinal properties of health care products, as well as the applicable population, are by no means a sales person who sells cosmetics can clarify, so health care products can not be eaten indiscriminately. You need to follow the doctor’s advice, otherwise it will not only hurt your body.

Stay up late watching the World Cup? It's bad for the liver!
Stay up late watching the World Cup? It’s bad for the liver!

Chinese medicine spleen and stomach doctor does not want you to eat irregular diet

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, people’s digestion and absorption of food depends on the function of the spleen and stomach. For example, eating cold and cold will hurt the spleen and stomach, causing spleen and stomach deficiency. The spleen and stomach also have their own routines. If the three meals are unstable, when the gastric juice is exuberant, not eating will hurt the spleen and stomach, but when the stomach is resting, it will not be digested by overeating. Therefore, three meals will hurt the spleen and stomach.

The pharmacist does not want you to take a variety of medicines for a cold.

As a common disease, colds are prepared for some cold medicines. Many people choose to take their own medicine when they have a fever. However, eating a bunch of medicines indiscriminately can easily lead to drug-induced kidney damage. “It is a three-point drug,” and you should not take medicine indiscriminately.

Endocrinologists don’t want you to stay up late

Staying up late is almost a common problem that every modern person will have. I am used to it when I am squatting, but do you know? Staying up late is one of the “killers” of young women’s face value. Long-term staying up late will cause endocrine disorders, women’s menopause will come early, and the skin will be gray, the stains and wrinkles will increase, and the ovarian function will decline significantly. Even in the celebrity circle, “buy the most expensive skin care products, the deepest nights” is popular. In fact, the damage caused by staying up late is that expensive cosmetics can not be remedied, so try not to stay up late.

Ophthalmologists don’t want you to “wear no sunglasses” on sunny days.

Ophthalmologists remind: delicate and fragile eyes need more sun protection! The light that the human eye can perceive is visible light, and the wavelength of violet light is the shortest. Ultraviolet light is an invisible light that is shorter than the wavelength of violet light and has a wavelength between 10 nm and 400 nm. Ultraviolet rays are divided into three bands of A, B, and C according to the length of the wavelength.

Ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful to the eyes. For example, a short exposure to a large amount of ultraviolet light on the beach can cause electro-optic ophthalmia, and long-term exposure can cause cataracts, pterygium, macular degeneration, or eyelid skin cancer. However, because ultraviolet light is not visible, it is often overlooked. Therefore, it is best to wear sunglasses when going out on a sunny day!

Otolaryngologists don’t want you to drive at high speed and open the window.

Many car owners have this feeling. Driving, especially when running at high speed, car noise has become a major factor affecting the driving environment. People have long-term exposure to noise, tinnitus, dreams, palpitation and irritability, or directly cause hearing loss or even deafness. Traffic accidents caused by vehicle noise are not uncommon. Close the window to maximize the insulation to isolate the noise outside the window, and the sound in the car should not be too loud, too long.

Ok, prevention is starting with small things. Have you noticed these behaviors?

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