There are several manifestations of liver problems

The liver is a silent organ, and when it is damaged and hepatic dysfunction occurs, there are signs that can be easily ignored. In general, the symptoms of mild liver injury are not particularly noticeable. However, when the liver function fails, there will be more obvious symptoms, including symptoms of the digestive tract, nausea, vomiting, bloating, etc.; in addition, there will be serious fatigue, if the liver failure continues to increase, jaundice can also occur, coagulation Factors such as coagulation, hepatic encephalopathy.

The most effective and quick way to protect the liver

Liver function impairment is mainly manifested in these seven aspects

1, joint pain

In liver diseases, autoimmune hepatitis will have symptoms similar to arthritis, and clinically there will be vomiting, nausea, joint pain, loss of appetite and other symptoms. This disease usually occurs in women because of systemic immunity errors that cause attacks on liver tissue.

2, right upper abdominal pain

Because the liver is located in the right upper abdomen of the body, if there is pain in this location, it is a problem with the liver.

3, there is jaundice

Decrease in liver function, there will be yellowing of the skin, the accumulation of bilirubin in the blood can not be properly discharged, will lead to yellow skin and eyes, at the same time there will be light-colored stool.

4, weight loss ascites

Weak limbs, stomach will have symptoms of swelling, that is, ascites. This is common in late stages of liver disease and there is an imbalance in body fluids.

5, the skin has freckle

Hepatic dysfunction can occur with coagulopathy or even bleeding.

6, spiders

Esophageal extinguishing ability in the body will decline after liver dysfunction, resulting in capillary expansion – spider mites.

7, confusion

Excessive accumulation of copper will occur in liver damage, making the entire person feel dizzy and confused.

Although the “liver” does not speak but cannot forget to protect it

Liver failure, which is one of the most serious forms of liver function damage, because the liver cells are damaged by various reasons, including viruses, drugs, and other effects of hypoxia and ischemia, the liver cells will After a large number of necrosis, a large number of necrosis of liver cells, there will be such a decline or abnormal liver function. When this type of hepatic failure occurs, the lowest point of the decline in the function of the liver occurs. Our clinical manifestation is a symptom of liver failure.

Zhou Fuyuan, chief physician of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University, mentioned that prevention of liver failure should be prevented against this cause. For example, patients with this hepatitis B virus infection often have to review it. Once such abnormal liver function occurs, Prepare for treatment as soon as possible. Don’t wait for this type of liver failure to prepare. It will be too late to go for treatment.

In addition, patients whose liver function has been depleted should constantly review it. In addition, in the case of drugs that cause liver damage, liver function should be reviewed in a timely manner. Do not wait until such liver failure occurs.

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