What is the left testicular pain? What is this disease?

What is the pain of the left testicle? Everyone knows that the testicle is an important reproductive organ for every male friend, and it has an important influence on the fertility of male friends. Therefore, when there are abnormalities such as pain in the testicles, many male friends will pay attention in time. So, what is the pain in the left testicle?

Orchitis and epididymitis are major diseases that endanger male reproduction.
Orchitis and epididymitis are major diseases that endanger male reproduction.

What is the left testicular pain?

Doctors pointed out that there are many causes of male testicular pain, and the exclusion of external collision factors is related to reproductive system infections such as epididymitis, orchitis and prostatitis.

Left testicular pain can be broadly divided into two situations, acute persistent pain and chronic recurrent pain.

Acute pain is more common in orchitis and injury. When orchitis occurs, the epididymis and testicles are swollen and painful, and some have symptoms such as dysuria, urgency, and pyuria. Testicular injury generally has a history of trauma and local swelling and blood stasis. In addition to severe pain, the testicles have scrotal enlargement and skin edema.

If acute testicular pain is not treated in time, it will become chronic pain, mild pain, generalization, and radiation pain, so it is not easy to determine the exact location of inflammation.

Testicular inflammation

The doctor reminded that the harm caused by orchitis to patients should not be underestimated. If you do not receive treatment or control the condition in time, it may cause complications such as varicocele, sedative, prostatitis, endocrine disease. Kidney disease such as nephritis, urinary infections, malignant tumors, etc.; even lead to decreased sexual function in men, or even complete loss of sexual function, leading to death, infertility, loss of fertility, and transmission of inflammatory pathogens to spouses, Cause gynecological diseases and affect fertility.

Orchitis can not be ignored

Tips: In life, no matter what abnormal situation occurs in the testicles of male friends, male friends should pay attention to them in time. Because testicular damage is likely to cause male infertility, causing great harm to their lives. Therefore, male friends with abnormal symptoms such as testicular pain should go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment.

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