What is the cause of testicular swelling in men?

In the male scrotum, there are pairs of testes, epididymis, spermatic cords, etc., in which the testis is an important gonad of men and the birthplace of sperm. Once the scrotum is swollen and painful, it should be taken seriously, find the cause, and actively treat. Because this swelling and pain may come from the various organs inside the complex scrotum, it will cause infertility if it is not done well. Common ones are:


Scrotal swelling: We know that scrotal swelling is mostly caused by scrotal skin diseases. Skin edema, inflammation, trauma, congestion and scrotal skin lesions can make the scrotum enlarge. These skin symptoms are very obvious and easy to diagnose and treat.

Testicular hydrocele: common in children, one side of the testicular swelling, it is obvious that the size of the bilateral testis is significantly different. Early testicular hydrocele is not a problem, and sometimes it can absorb and recover. However, if there is more fluid, it will affect the blood circulation of the testicles, and it will cause the testicular atrophy to cause infertility. At this time, we must consider whether surgery is needed.

Varicocele: This is the most common reproductive system disease in men. It is often a testicular pain on one side, usually involving pain, and most of the varicocele occurs on the left side. The spermatic vein appears dilated and distorted, which means that the vein is out of order. Also, varicocele is one of the causes of male infertility, which is often one of the factors in the low activity rate of sperm.

Epididymal inflammation: This disease occurs mostly in young men, when the local scrotum skin is red and swollen, there is obvious tenderness, and some people even have systemic fever. Chronic patients have mild pain and a sense of falling in the affected area. When touched, they found a hard block behind the testicle in the scrotum, forming a so-called testicular nodule.

Testicular inflammation: For acute testicular inflammation, do not care, in addition to local testicular redness, swelling, heat, pain, but also accompanied by fever, mostly complications of mumps. The biggest harm of the disease is that it destroys the spermatogenic epithelial function of the testicle, which is the main cause of azoospermia, which must be paid attention to and treated in time.

Testicular torsion: As the name implies, the testicular angle changes under the action of external force, and the testicular torsion occurs. At this time, the problem is big. At the time of onset, the testicles suddenly suffer from severe pain, often accompanied by collapse. It can cause redness and swelling of the scrotum, effusion and blood in the sheath, and it must be treated in time for urology.

Testicular tumors: The tumors of the testes are almost all malignant, which must be explained. When the testicular volume on one side becomes larger, the testicle weight increases, and the shape of the testicle changes, it is thought that there is a possibility of tumor formation. Once diagnosed, the swollen testicles should be removed immediately.

Male scrotal swelling, there may be such problems, especially for common acute testicular inflammation, testicular tumors, can not be careless, should be promptly examined in the urology and timely treatment, so as not to leave the bane.

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