Four facts must be made clear before cohabitation between a man and a woman

Cohabitation is becoming more and more common. There are no official statistics on how many people live together in China. For those who enjoy cohabitation, cohabitation feels like heaven, but for those who suffer from it, it is hell. The only certainty is that the global phenomenon of cohabitation is the most vulnerable gender relationship.

Cohabitation - How to be health
Cohabitation – How to be health

Four facts must be made clear before cohabitation between a man and a woman.

According to a large survey, 65.73% of the requests for cohabitation were made by boys, and nearly 20% of girls were completely at a loss or chose to pander to “him” when confronted with “he”‘s request for cohabitation. Premarital cohabitation, there are advantages and disadvantages, this article does not comment, here is only to remind unmarried girls ready to cohabitation, before you decide to live with a boy, first to identify several cohabitation pitfalls, and then consider whether it is appropriate to live with him, Cohabitation, after all, is a serious matter.

Sex. I don’t know how many people live together to solve sexual problems, but I guess sex is not the first factor in a girl’s decision to live together. But many girls simply believe that sex is a powerful weapon to hold men back. Men may be happy when they first start cohabiting, but in less than three months, cohabitation is usually more boring than living apart, and then suspecting that cohabitation is a stupid idea.

Tolerance. Is this situation caused by frequent occurrences and reduced intensity? “the same thing will be boring for a long time,” this is not all of the reasons, more from the other side of life exposed to a variety of ailments. For example, he eats so loudly that he eats soup like a pig. Unwittingly you will find that the original passion such as fire, you have begun to degenerate into a “asexual race.”

Money. When you first started dating, of course, you were right to let him cover all the expenses, but when you decided to move in together, the cost of living together was definitely beyond the reach of a young man who had just entered society. One day he’ll open your wallet and charge you with the crystal vase and start making a list of family bills. Of course, the solution to this problem is not without solutions, such as the use of intra-family AA system.

Privacy. When you don’t live together, he gets a call from the opposite sex, you’re curious, and maybe he thinks you’re cute, and when you go to his dorm room, you don’t have to go through his little drawers without being strongly criticized by him. But when you live together, you monitor his phone and whereabouts, at any time with mobile phone location query him, he may be scolded as a small belly chicken intestines. Over time, both sides will suffer from this paranoia and collapse.

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