8 healthy foods that women must eat

How to slim down + whitening + beauty + anti-aging + anti-breast disease + keep a good mood, female friends can find the answer in these foods.

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The following foods seem to be particularly biased towards women. Want to slim down, whiten, nourish, anti-aging, anti-breast disease and keep a good mood? Come and refer to the list below.

1. Anti-fat singer–avocado

Avocado is a fruit that was once rejected, formerly known as Ahuacate.


Ahuacati is a Mexican ancient national Nahuatl, meaning: testicles. Then changed to Alligator Pears, because the domineering was once banned by the United States. After I changed to Avocado, I still worked hard for a long time before I finally got on the international stage. Star celebrities have touted it, American singer and actress Miley Cyrus loves it and loves to put it on the pattern. Haruki Murakami also wrote an article about it.

It is very subjective to eat or not; the benefits are many. The most famous is that it helps slim down. The secret weapon is rich in dietary fiber. It increases the feeling of fullness and can also promote gastrointestinal motility and inhibit the absorption of fat in food. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce fat formation and accumulation, and is a cardiotonic agent for the heart. But eating more must have the opposite effect, fatty acids are good or fatty acids, eating too much is easy to gain weight and indigestion.

How much is it to eat? About a quarter or a half of the day is best, but losing weight is not a single avocado, reducing calorie intake, and matching the right exercise is the most scientific method.


2. Edema Buster – Kelp

Kelp is one of the obese nemesis. There are two reasons for this. It contains iodine and potassium. The former promotes metabolism and motility. It is naturally digested and naturally not too fat. The latter is also very powerful and can drain excess water. If potassium is sufficient, it will not cause weight problems caused by edema, but also fight obesity.

Ginger pictures
Ginger pictures

3. Reduce fat – ginger

Ginger is a cheap and healthy ingredient that burns fat + promotes metabolism + blood circulation… It turns out to be edema. However, Confucius said that it is reasonable to not withdraw ginger food and not eat more. Even if it can warm the stomach to drive the cold, even Confucius also eats every day, but it is easy to get hot and hot, and the final conclusion is that you can’t eat too much.

Making delicious barbecue asparagus - Step 3
Making delicious barbecue asparagus – Step 3

4. Emotional Doctor – Asparagus

Most people with emotional illness lack folic acid. Why? In addition to promoting sleep and appetite, it can play a role in regulating mood. One serving of asparagus has a high level of folic acid, which is as high as two-thirds of what we need every day. However, even if you can eat a good mood, some problems should be paid attention. Gout, diabetes, abnormal uric acid metabolism, should not eat folic acid, or less touch.

pink tiger lily on bloom
pink tiger lily on bloom

5. Protect the heart – lily

Lily raises the heart and calms the nerves, and can eliminate vain, horror, and ambition. Since ancient times, Chinese doctors have used it to treat emotional illnesses. But not everyone’s use, because the nature of lily is cold, all cold and cough, spleen and stomach weakness, cold and dampness are hanged, should pay attention.

red and yellow fruit
red and yellow fruit

6. Estrogen – fig

The name of the fig is misleading. It is not only flowering, but the fruit is actually the meat ball formed after the flower tray is inflated. The fig with flowers may be destined to be a woman. Because its composition is similar to that of women’s estrogen, it helps to supplement female hormones and prevent gynecological diseases. It is a feminine object.


7. Beauty and beauty –


Cheap version of bird’s nest, but in ancient times it was valuable. It can nourish lungs, nourish yin and nourish the stomach, nourish and stagnate. No wonder, there is a biography, Yang Guifei also uses it to nourish and nourish. But remember, the cold is not allowed to take.

baby toy blur celebration child

8. Anti-aging skills – sweet pepper

According to a survey conducted by the American College of Nutrition, women in Greece and Sweden are rich in vitamin C, so wrinkles are relatively less than women in other countries. The vitamin C content of a raw bell pepper easily exceeds the vitamin C required by the body for a day, so the sweet pepper has anti-aging effects.

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