5 kinds of foods improve your baby’s immunity

If your baby’s immunity is low, it is easy to get sick. If you want to improve your baby’s immunity, you should strengthen your exercise on the one hand, and strengthen your nutrition on the other hand. What can your baby eat to improve immunity? Today, How to be health will recommend several types of foods that will improve your baby’s immunity.

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1. Potato food

Using potato food instead of polished rice noodles as a staple food, it can provide a lot of vitamin C, vitamin B1, potassium, dietary fiber and so on. Potatoes include sweet potatoes, yam, potatoes, etc., which absorb moisture, fat, toxins and sugars, and can lubricate the intestines. Regular consumption of potatoes can help your baby reduce constipation. Among them, yam, taro, and sweet potato also contain mucin with immune-promoting activity, which is helpful for improving resistance.

2. Bean products

Dietary fiber and oligosaccharides in soybeans are also good for health, but there are many substances in soybeans that can improve immunity, such as saponins with antiviral effects, and lectins that activate the immune system. Partial replacement of meat with soybeans not only helps prevent high blood pressure, high blood fat, heart disease, fatty liver and other diseases, but also contributes to the normal function of the immune system. You can choose tofu, bean curd, tofu skin, tofu, soy milk, etc., but you need to be careful not to give your baby fried food.

3. Yogurt

The protein and fat in yogurt are easier to digest and absorb than milk. The utilization of various trace elements such as iron, calcium and phosphorus is higher. It can also promote appetite, enhance digestion and effectively inhibit the growth of germs in the baby’s intestines. Studies have shown that yogurt can prevent diarrhea caused by enterovirus, but also alleviate allergic symptoms and improve the immune system’s ability to respond to viruses and germs.

4. Dark color vegetables

For children to eat vegetables, the first to push the thick green vegetables and orange-yellow vegetables, which contain rich carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, and when vitamin A is insufficient, the resistance of the respiratory mucosa will decline, easy to suffer Infectious diseases are also easily invaded by viruses. The particularly abundant folic acid in green vegetables is a factor required for the synthesis of immune substances, and a large amount of flavonoids can work together with vitamin C, which is very helpful for maintaining resistance. There are many vegetables that can improve immunity, such as broccoli, spinach, kale, and asparagus.

5. Dark fruit

Darker fruits are rich in anthocyanins, such as blueberries, mulberries, and strawberries. These are very effective in stimulating the immune system; kiwis and oranges rich in vitamin C and flavonoids are also very good; apples promote interferon synthesis. The role is also a good choice.

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