Sweet potatoes can’t be eaten with anything?

Sweet potatoes can’t be eaten with anything

The foods that can’t be eaten with sweet potatoes are mainly sweets, persimmons, etc.

Sweet potato picture
Sweet potato picture

1, sweet potatoes can not eat with sweets

Sweet potato has a high sugar content. When it is eaten on an empty stomach, it will produce a lot of stomach acid. When the stomach is too acidic, it will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause acid reflux, which makes people feel heartburn. Sweet potato also contains an oxidase, which will produce a lot of carbon dioxide gas in the gastrointestinal tract, which may cause symptoms such as bloating and snoring.

2, sweet potatoes can not eat with persimmons

According to experts from the China Nutrition Association, sweet potatoes and persimmons should not be consumed at the same time in a short period of time. If there is a large amount of food, they should be at least five hours apart. Because if you eat at the same time, the sugar in the sweet potato will be fermented in the stomach, which will increase the secretion of gastric acid. It will react with the enamel and pectin in the persimmon to form agglomeration and produce a hard mass. When the amount is serious, it may cause gastrointestinal bleeding or cause gastric ulcer. If you feel stomach upset, be sure to go to the hospital to have a gastroscope to see if there is a stomach bleeding or a stomach ulcer.

3. Don’t eat the skin of sweet potatoes.

It is best not to eat the sweet potato baked, because the sweet potato after the black spot disease is contaminated, it is not suitable to be discerned after baking. Therefore, black spots or charred sweet potatoes should not be eaten, which may cause poisoning. Moreover, the sweet potato on the street is baked with coal. When the coal burns, it will produce a lot of harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide. Eating sweet potato on the street is not good for health.

4, have stomach problems, try not to eat sweet potatoes

People with stomach ulcers, bloating and other diseases should not eat sweet potatoes. The sweet potato’s sugar produces a lot of stomach acid in the stomach, which increases the pressure in the stomach. For people with bad stomach, it will stimulate the ulcer surface or stomach mucosa, causing stomach discomfort. . And sweet potatoes can’t be eaten with too sweet things, because the sweet potato itself is sweet, if you add a sweet tooth to eat, it will increase the possibility of gastroesophageal reflux.

Sweet potato picture
Sweet potato picture

Can sweet potatoes and eggs be eaten together?

In general, the two will be prone to flatulence after eating, because eggs and sweet potatoes are not easy to digest food, eating together is more difficult to digest, and if it is serious, it will cause abdominal pain.

But there is another saying that is more accepted by many people, that is, there is not much problem with sweet potatoes and eggs. At most, it is not easy to digest, and generally it will not cause serious impact.

Another thing to note is that although sweet potato is a cheap and delicious longevity food, it contains a lot of carbon dioxide gas in the human stomach because it contains oxidase and crude fiber. Because of its high sugar content, it will eat more. Produces acid in the stomach, causing symptoms such as bloating and heartburn. Therefore, eating sweet potatoes should be scientific. Do not eat too much at a time, try to use fine processing, and it is best to eat with rice and noodles to reduce the production of stomach acid, prevent abdominal swelling, heartburn and other symptoms.

And the correct consumption of sweet potatoes also has many benefits. First, because it is rich in nutrients, 256 grams of sugar per kilogram of sweet potato, 15 grams of protein, 156 mg of calcium, 174 mg of phosphorus and multivitamins, especially rich in carotene, are food and vegetables. The leader. Second, because it contains a special function of mucin, this mucin can not only maintain the elasticity of the cardiovascular wall, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent connective tissue atrophy in the liver and kidney, but also to the respiratory tract, digestive tract, joint cavity And the serosa cavity also has a good lubrication. Third, sweet potatoes are indeed rich in dietary fiber and gums and other defecation substances, which can be described as “intestinal scavengers.” Fourth, it is a physiological alkaline food that neutralizes the acidic substances produced by meat, eggs, rice and noodles, regulates the body’s acid-base balance, and has positive significance for maintaining human health.

Picture of sweet potato
Picture of sweet potato

Can bananas and sweet potatoes be eaten together?

Bananas and sweet potatoes are best not to eat together

Bananas and sweet potatoes are easy to cause adverse reactions. It is recommended not to eat at the same time, not to overdose. However, the occurrence of bad conditions varies from person to person, and some people may not have any adverse symptoms after eating.

Why can’t bananas and sweet potatoes be eaten together?

Banana contains starch, protein, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin C, and sweet potato is rich in starch, vitamin A, two foods at the same time, easy to affect the digestion of the stomach, causing swelling of the stomach, and may also accompany the stomach acid reflux phenomenon . Excessive consumption can easily cause food to stay in the stomach for a long time, resulting in stomach poisoning, and serious chronic poisoning may occur.

How long can sweet potatoes and bananas be eaten?

Banana digestion is faster. If you eat banana first, you can eat sweet potato in about two hours. If you eat sweet potato first, it will take at least 5 hours before you can eat sweet potato.

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