How does the hospital check for postpartum hair loss? How to check for hair loss?

The causes of hair loss are generally blood deficiency, anemia, genetics, work or stress. It is recommended to treat symptomatic treatment after the examination, and blood test and trace element examination can be carried out. In addition, it can be used for endocrine examination, nutritional metabolism examination, hair pull inspection and so on.

Postpartum hair loss examination
Postpartum hair loss examination

1, hair pull inspection

A positive hair pull test means that 2-8 hairs can be easily removed from any part of the scalp without pain. In the resting period of hair loss, hair loss loosening syndrome, alopecia areata and other hair onset, this experiment was positive.

2, endocrine examination

The examination of sex hormone levels has certain clinical significance for postpartum hair loss, menopause hair loss and hair loss caused by oral contraceptives; serum TSH examination is most valuable for the diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

3, nutritional metabolism check

Nutritional metabolic diseases such as iron deficiency often require laboratory tests to confirm early. Serum ferritin less than 12ug/L for iron deficiency and transferrin saturation less than 0.15 whole blood FEP greater than 1.78umol / L (100ug / dL) or FEP / Hb greater than 4.5ug / gHb can be diagnosed as iron deficiency Sexual erythropoiesis alopecia, malignant dystrophy, early stage due to long-term protein intake, negative nitrogen formation in the body, urine urea nitrogen, first drop in urinary creatine creatinine is also a sensitive indicator, low plasma total protein is the diagnosis of malnutrition alopecia .

4, hair follicle detection

Hair follicle testing refers to the examination of hair follicle atrophy. By examining the hair follicle atrophy, it can be confirmed whether the hair follicle is still active and whether the hair can grow.

5, other inspections

Systemic lupus erythematosus mainly checks for LE cells, anti-dsDNA or anti-sm antibodies, ANA immunofluorescence, etc., syphilitic alopecia must be tested for syphilis serology.

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