Where is the hymen? How to tell if it is a virgin?

The distance of the hymen from the vaginal opening will change with age. For example, the hymen of the baby girl is deep in the vagina and can protect the reproductive organs. However, with the increase of age, the hymen will become thinner and more and more outward, and finally, to the position of the vaginal opening, the position of the hymen of mature women will generally be 0-3CM in the vaginal opening.

Location and shape of female hymen
Location and shape of female hymen

The distance of hymen from opening

The hymen is a layer of membranous tissue located at the vaginal opening. It is considered to be part of the vulva[1]. The position of the hymen from the vaginal opening is about 0-3CM, but this is not fixed. Different women have different hymen shapes, depths, and characteristics.

Many situations, such as trauma, masturbation, internal diagnosis, exercise, and sexual behavior, may lead to a rupture of hymen, resulting in temporary hemorrhage and pain[2][3].

Whether the hymen is complete should not be used as a basis to judge whether a woman is still a virgin, nor should it be used as a basis to judge a woman’s sexual behavior or attitude[4].

You need to know about the hymen

There is now a seemingly useful way of identifying online: “If the second finger can be inserted in the middle finger, can it prove that it is not a virgin?”

This is a problem that lacks physiological common sense.

The first thing you need to know is that the hymen is not a dense membrane. The hymen is elastic, generally ring-shaped, with a 1 to 1.5 cm opening in the middle. In most cases, blood clots and fingertips in menstruation. Or the size of the tampon can pass smoothly.

Referring to the first picture of this article, we can see that the so-called “hymen” is actually a circular rubber band structure around the vaginal opening. The surface is covered with mucous membrane and the deep layer is connective tissue.

The hymen is not an airtight membrane, but a porous one. The holes in the hymen may be single, double or even sieve-like. Even some women’s hymen is imperforate-although this is rare.

This congenital defect requires surgery to open the gap and allow menstrual blood to flow out, so as long as a woman has experienced “menstruation”, it can be judged whether her hymen is a non-porous form.

Secondly, the hymen’s name is also a very confusing and biased statement, called “vaginal ring mucosal fold” or simply “vaginal mucosal fold” will be closer to the actual form.

So the hymen itself is actually a “gap” in the body tissue. It is difficult to judge whether a girl has a hymen with her fingers. Of course, this is disrespect for women’s behavior.

If you really want to make sure your hymen is still there, you’d better go to a medical institution to check it out.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, the hymen will become thinner and thinner with age. Hurdles, bicycling and other sports have the chance to cause hymen damage, which is a very normal thing.

Why do people in ancient China judge virginity by bleeding during the first sex, because girls at that time got married at the age of 13-16, but today some girls have sex in their 20s?

In modern times, if a woman has sex after the age of 20, it is normal to have sex for the first time without hymen damage.

Unfortunately, most people’s thinking is still not scientific enough. The hymen is still used to measure a girl’s virginity. This is very wrong.

Does hymen rupture cause bleeding and pain?

The first rupture of the membrane itself is not very painful. Why does the hymen rupture when sharing a room for the first time?

The doctor said that the hymen has poor elasticity and has a hymen hole on it. It will rupture during the first intercourse, and there will often be a small amount of bleeding.

However, many girls felt very nervous about their first sexual intercourse and felt pain. In fact, the girl had a vaginal spasm.

What is the real function of hymen?

The hymen mainly protects the female reproductive system and indirectly protects the body. You are not only protected by pads, but also by the hymen.

One theory holds that the hymen protects the reproductive system and even the body of women. It is a barrier to protect oneself and prevent bacteria from invading.

The hymen guards at the entrance of the vagina. It can prevent urine from entering the vagina.

For women, having sex too early is easy to cause cervical cancer due to repeated infection of the cervical orifice. The hymen has just played such a preventive role.

In many countries on earth, hymen and tampon are still contradictory problems.

Hymen and tampons

And let’s talk about tampons that have been hot lately and are associated with hymen.

On Quora, Twitter and Facebook, countless people have asked me if virgins can use tampons, and every time they get the answer:

Of course, as long as the product is qualified and the method is correct, any healthy woman in the menstrual period can use tampons.

But I knew from the beginning that the deeper meaning behind the question was “will tampon hurt the hymen?”

From the above article, we know that the hymen is an elastic annular structure with a gap of 1 / 1. 5 cm in the middle, which in most cases can accommodate the smooth passage of tampons.

But no one can guarantee you that the tampon will not damage the hymen 100%, after all, the hymen will get thinner and thinner, if the tampon and break the hymen is not too inconceivable things.

But you and I both know that it’s never the film that prevents women from using tampons. It’s the poisonous concept of chastity behind it.

In the past, the concept of women as a “commodity” used “sex” as a big criterion to evaluate women, as if once women had sex, they became a “worthless” existence.

Until today, many people still consciously ignore the real definition of sexual behavior and stubbornly believe that the hymen is a symbol of chastity.

Sexual behavior, also known as sexual intercourse, is characterized by the need for reproductive organ involvement (Sex / Sexual intercourse / Coition)

Women do not “lose” their virginity by using tampons, masturbation, or other insertions.

The hymen also proves nothing. It is not worth sacrificing your comfort to “abide by such rules”. You don’t need to feel inferior or even under pressure because you are not a virgin.

The hymen should not be a woman’s self-standard, nor should it be a sign that must appear when getting married. For those women who want to repair their hymen before marriage, you need to think about it: is it worth it?

Finally, whether a woman is a virgin is not the most important thing. And those who only care about whether you are a virgin or not are also unimportant.

Last modified date: 25 August 2019

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