Disclosing the nine health crises facing women after marriage

Women get married, from physical to psychological will have some changes, and at this time the health of women often face a crisis, then how to health after marriage women?

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Question one: “Cervical cancer”

Some doctors believe that the current medical research has confirmed that most of the cervical cancer by the foreign virus “infection” caused. Pay attention to personal hygiene habits, wear condoms for sexual behavior, can prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer.

What men do: build and maintain good personal hygiene habits.

Problem Two: Breast diseases

Many married women have different degrees of sexual apathy, which may induce a number of breast diseases. Women with normal sex, the breasts have “congestion”, swelling and the periodic changes of the retreat, conducive to the promotion of blood circulation inside the breast. Sexual apathy so that long-term objective inhibition of sexual desire, not be satisfied with sex, so that the swelling of the breast is not easy to fade or fade incomplete, persistent swelling will make “breast pain” discomfort. The study found that sexual apathy or sexual disharmony is an important predisposing factor for “mammary gland hyperplasia”. The depressed and lonely “anxiety” caused by the unhealthy mental stimulation is the “catalyst” of “mammary gland lobular hyperplasia”.

Man to do: often with his wife to maintain good communication, so that she relaxed spirit, happy mood, have a healthy sex life.

Question three: Vaginitis

Women who have no sex for a long time are more likely to suffer from vaginitis, endometritis and tubal inflammation. The experiment proved that there is a kind of antibacterial substance in semen-semen cytoplasm, it can kill Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, pneumococcal and other pathogenic bacteria. So the sex life helps the female genital organs from microorganism’s invasion.

What men do: keep a stable sex life with their wives.

Problem four: Contraceptive failure

A doctor who used the pill to use some antibiotic women to observe, found that they were pregnant because the antibiotics inhibit the intestinal flora, which affects the birth control pill in the colon tract absorption, so that the blood contraceptive concentration drop.

Men to do: if the wife to take long-acting contraceptives, reminding her to understand the use of other drugs, and avoid the bad habits, such as 35-year-old take long-acting contraceptives best to quit smoking, otherwise easy to increase the incidence of “breast cancer” probability.

Question five: The room afterwards “bleeds”

Cervical polyps in the process of sexual life will rupture bleeding, after the sexual intercourse will be found in the husband’s genital area of blood. If the husband’s body is not damaged and other reasons, it is necessary to consider the problem of the wife’s cervix. There is also cervical cancer, the early symptoms of sexual intercourse after the end, there is vaginal bleeding. Because the posterior wall of the bladder is impacted, it can aggravate the mechanical friction of stone and cause bleeding. This may also be the case for cancer tissue. If the wife appears in the room afterwards hematuria, must early diagnosis and treatment. Men want to do: every time after the house to carefully examine their own and the small changes in the wife’s body.

Problem Six: Osteoporosis

Women around the age of 35, bone began to loose, sex can regulate cholesterol, maintain the density of bones, reduce osteoporosis, so that the whole person looks light gait, physical flexibility is also strong.

What men do: Let a wife who is no longer young still enjoy the sex you give.

Question seven: Lower libido

Life stress can have a significant impact on sexual function. The excessive selfishness, jealousy, autocracy and dependence of the family will create contradictions. It is easiest for a wife to have an aversion, apathy, or passivity to her husband’s sexual demands for financial and trivial quarrels.

Men to do: active, timely treatment of family contradictions.

Question eight: menstrual syndrome

Pre-menstrual syndrome women in the 5-7 days before menstruation, into the pelvic blood increased, may cause swelling and spasm, resulting in abdominal distension or abdominal pain. And the muscular contraction movement in the sex life, can cause the blood to accelerate outflow the pelvic area, enters the blood total circulation, reduces the pelvic pressure, thus relieves the abdomen discomfort.

Man to do: To understand the wife’s health before menstruation, timely to give her “intimate help.”

Question nine: menopausal discomfort

Women with regular sex, estrogen levels are much higher than women who occasionally have sex. So that the physiological function of the ovary to strengthen, normal menstruation, but also postpone menopause, and each one-time love will make the yin part of the secretion increased to prevent vaginal mucosa drying.

What men do: Build a harmonious sex life with their wives.

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