10 little secrets that make couples “sexually” interesting

Sex, as a science, there are many unknown secrets. Recently, the British sex school Saidi Kaiman in his new book, summed up the discovery of sexuality, bloggers choose some share with you.枕边私语 | 嘘!10个让你“性”趣盎然的小秘密

Sexy beauty-kkkkhealth
Sexy beauty-kkkkhealth


There are at least 100 million sexual events in the world every day, that is to say, 65,000 couples around the world are having sex at the moment you read the newspaper.


Researchers at the University of California found that men who helped do housework were able to get 50% more sex than men who did not do housework.


If a man no longer has sexual life, then his penis size will also be shortened.


Semen contains a wealth of protein, can help skin wrinkle anti-aging, but may also cause skin allergies.


A male testicle is a little more pendulous than the other, which ensures that two testicles do not collide when walking.


In all countries, Greeks have sex the most, and 87% have sex once a week.


Wearing two condoms is not a better guarantee of safety, on the contrary, because of friction, it will increase the risk of condom rupture.


Men prefer women plump breasts, slender waist and rounded buttocks, it is not because of lust, but such a woman fertility is strong, is the need for men to evolve.


60% of people prefer to have sex with the lights on, and in the dark neutral love is more likely to climax.


The report showed that women were able to reach orgasm for up to 134 times in one hours, compared with 16 males .

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