What is the feeling of sex? Is it so comfortable?

What is the feeling of sex? Is it so comfortable? This is a question for many people.

In the process of sex, many people feel comfortable, and many people feel uncomfortable. Some girls only feel pain. How to be health interviewed a lot of people, got some answers, let’s take a look!

What is the feeling of sex?
What is the feeling of sex?

To see who did it for the first time, it must be done with people who like it and who have sexual impulses.

My first time was to give my boyfriend. At that time, I loved him very much. I flew to his city and wanted to get tired of him.

I remember the first time we were embarrassed to make love directly. We were watching the yellow film together in front of the computer. When I felt it came, he asked if I could put my hand into my clothes, then he reached in and effortlessly untied. My bra, then I didn’t feel too cool on the body, more psychologically, I felt that it was especially good to be treated gently by him. Then he suddenly turned over my body, I lay down, he was kneeling on me, he suddenly Kissing me, put my tongue directly into my mouth, it was my first tongue kiss, and there was not much pleasure, but my heart was very satisfied, and then it happened naturally for the first time.

Actually it hurts and there is no climax, but afterwards I often recall the sex, you have to understand his movements, his expression, his eyes.

The feeling of being possessed and conquered makes me know that I am being loved, and that psychological feeling is very fascinating.

Sexy bed beauty

When I first made love, I could hear the entire corridor crying. It is simply a mourning.

I have been making love many times, and doing it is a torment for me. Because it is too tight, I can’t get in, and I feel a pain when I go inside. I really feel that there is a sense of pleasure, but I don’t remember it.

Probably it hurts n times later. Suddenly I found the fun of sex~ it is the most enjoyable game in the world.

Sexy undressing beauty

The first time I gave my boyfriend, to be honest, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, but it hurts the second time, because I am more active, even if my boyfriend doesn’t say it, I will seduce and tease. He, he has been completely made into a wretched uncle, the feeling of two people together is really cool, the kind of happiness that is not the true love of the couple is not realized, fuck a person you like, Being happily manipulated by someone you like, the two people don’t want to be separated regardless of their cognac. As long as you like him, I think it should be very comfortable.

Fuck a person you like and be fucked by someone you like.
Fuck a person you like and be fucked by someone you like.

Men climax like putting fireworks

It’s smashing, it’s bursting in a flash.

The climax of a woman is an atomic bomb

There are countless pleasures that accumulate

a huge vortex formed deep in the body

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