Sexual knowledge that must be understood when making love for the first time

The most basic points of sex I’m talking about below are not as fascinating as everyone imagines, but these things can make virgin life easier in some ways.

Sexy beauty - How to be health
Sexy beauty – How to be health


Look at the A film let me know some positions, such as missionaries, post-entry, female-style, etc. These are some basic simple positions. Soon I discovered that these basic positions have thousands of wonderful variants. For example, how do you place your legs, how to place her legs, how to keep deep with a static position, the angle you insert, the position of your upper body, the height of your hips on her body, how better your body is. Communication and so on.

Some postures can make her vagina like a straight pipe, you can easily insert, thrust, and thrust. Some of the positions, although you have been deeply inserted, can only move a short distance, as if you feel rubbed with her pelvis.


When you look at the A film, you may wonder why your cock is sometimes slowly erect, and you want to be very strong and tough in a second when you are with her. Indeed, the same thing happens on your body: once the sensory stimuli (such as girls/girls undressing) pass, your second child will become softer without further direct stimulation.

Drinking, distracting, and bad technology can affect your erection. After wearing a condom, you may need to move your cock first to let it accept a point of stimulation to make it harder. If it is not hard enough, you will have a hard time inserting it. It is possible that you will not get in or slip out, not thrust. However, if you can insert it when you are a little softer, you can quickly harden it by twitching after insertion.

After you start, if you don’t feel very good, or you are distracted, or something bad happens, it will make your erection drop.

Sexy beauty - How to be health
Sexy beauty – How to be health


You may have heard such an anecdote before, and it is difficult to find the entrance to the insertion. Although you know where to see the entrance, the vaginal opening is really smaller than you think, so you don’t know how to insert it.


Unless this is her first time or she just took a vacation, it means the following possibilities: You really stabbed her with that; she has some inflammation or a sexually transmitted disease; she has a uterine polyp Problem; maybe this is a precursor to certain cervical cancers. If she bleeds, then you must take her to the hospital for a thorough examination.

Semen allergy

This adverse reaction is very funny: when the sperm is accompanied by a man’s body fluid and enters the female body with the slogan “We come for peace,” it is subjected to varying degrees of resistance. If the resistance encountered is lighter, then the woman may become pregnant; if the resistance encountered is heavier, then your future life will not change; if the resistance encountered is too strong, then this resistance is targeted It is no longer a small cockroach, but more than a dozen antigenic substances contained in semen. These heterosexual proteins do not become allergens to most women, but they can cause allergic reactions to brides with allergies. Don’t think this is very strange. In the United States, 40,000 brides find themselves allergic to semen. The most serious allergies may be life-threatening. Therefore, such families will have to choose artificial insemination.

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