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Scientific sex frequency

“Sex frequency = the first digit of age x 9”. The American sexologists published his discovery at a one-off forum organized by China.

According to this formula, a person in the 20th age group (20 to 29 years old), his or her sexual formula is 2 × 9 = 18, 18 can be regarded as a combination of 10 and 8, that is to say The frequency of sex suitable for him or her is 8 times in 10 days; one person in the 30th age group (30 to 39 years old), his or her sexual formula is 3×9=27, ie he ( She) is suitable for 7 sex life in 20 days.

Chinese views on sexy frequencies

Ms. Zhang (University Teacher): After the publication of the media, the “Sex Formula” has really caused some repercussions among some college students. In the students’ own forums, some students are eager to talk about whether to graduate immediately after graduation, or simply get married during school. Although the posts posted by the students may be a joke, such a formula at least gives him or her a certain shock, and makes him or her feel uncomfortable at this age.

Mr. Su (35 years old, foreign company sales): “According to the sex formula, I should have sex 7 times in 20 days, which means I can’t reach the standard twice a week. But we can do the sale of the ordinary East. Running and running at night, it’s already tired, and my wife’s work pace is very fast. Basically, we are very happy once a week. Everyone feels very happy. After seeing this formula, I instinctively felt low self-esteem. I was worried about whether I had any illness. Later we discussed the frequency of the formula, but both sides were very passive. It was awkward to carry out the sport without desire…”

Ms. Hong (full-time wife): According to their formula, my 46-year-old age should be 6 times a month, which is basically in line with my actual situation. But I still think that shoes are worn on their own feet, is it fit, and outsiders can’t judge.

Professor Xu (sexologist): For some voices from all walks of life, Professor Xu believes that there is a certain truth. But he personally feels that although this formula is rough and absolute, it is a good reference quantity. Of course, this formula has no effect on people under the age of 20, indicating that the international community does not advocate premature sexual life.
In Professor Xu’s view, in addition to referring to certain formulas, his own feelings are the most important. Harmony and happy sex actually have a very good support for the body’s immunity. A good sex life can even achieve greater benefits than an effective exercise.

Mr. Wang, the chief physician of the male department: Even the American experts themselves did not think that the arguments he mentioned in the sexual formula in China were so fierce. This is an improvement in society, fully demonstrating that people have begun to talk about their “sexual” blessings in a bright and straightforward manner, which was never imagined before. In fact, American experts are also empirical formulas summed up through questionnaires. Until now, there is not much scientific basis in the laboratory sense, just a formula for people to refer to. The formula is the same, and the frequency of sexual life depends on the individual’s physical condition, mood, love, etc.

Sex frequency calculation formula

Here, there is a calculation formula for reference. That is “multiplied by ten digits of age, the ten digits of the product is the period, and the single digit is the number of sexes.”

  • For people aged 20 to 29, the number of sexes is 2×9, which is equal to 18, which means that they can have sex 8 times in 10 days;
  • 30 to 39 years old, that is, 3 × 9, equal to 27, that is, 20 days of sex 7 times, that is, 3 days is good;
  • 40 to 49 years old, that is, 4×9, equal to 36, that is, 6 times in 30 days, preferably once every 5 days;
  • The person from 50 to 59, that is, 5×9, is equal to 45, that is, 5 times in 40 days, that is, 8 times a day is better.
  • The elderly aged 60 to 69 are about once every 12 days;
  • 70 to 79 years old for 20 days;
  • Those over 80 years old, once a month.

However, on the next day after the incident, if you feel sore, tinnitus, fatigue, weakness, etc., the number of times is too high, and the interval between sexes should be extended appropriately.

Some men will run out of sperm after multiple ejaculations. If you and your partner like frequent sex, let him do a semen analysis after several consecutive ejaculations. This analysis can test the quality and quantity of his sperm after frequent ejaculation.

If the frequency of sexual intercourse is too frequent, the number of sperm can be reduced, the quality is reduced, and even the sperm that is injected is a immature sperm that is still immature, so it cannot be pregnant. Only when you have regular sexual intercourse can you ensure the quantity and quality of your sperm so that you can become pregnant. Vice versa, too few sexual intercourse will cause the sex interval to be too long, so that the quality of sperm excreted outside the body is not high or “aging”, which is also not conducive to pregnancy.

Sex frequency and blood type

A blood type male

A blood type male has a lot of love. Statistics show that men with A blood type have an average sex time of about 4 minutes and 26 seconds, which is the shortest of the four blood types. But the advantage is that the number of sexes is high, 196 times a year, every 1.86 days. Men with A blood type will continue to work hard to get women to climax. If at a critical moment, you can say to him: “Great!” Then he must love you, needless to say, the biggest weapon for the A-type male is to spoil.

A male with a blood type has 4 personality partners in his life. He is the most acquainted with the O-type woman. He is very hard in bed. He must have a climax for his or her sexual partner, and will stop. It is a typical good man.

B blood type male

Blood type men like to enjoy an open sex life.

Do not like dark, cautious, or sexual life with marital problems. Simply put, love and sex are two different things. You can enjoy sex without love, or you can confirm love without sex. If women can show their joy straight, they may be able to enjoy a happy marriage. Men with blood type have the strongest persistence, and the average sex time is the longest, about 7 minutes and 11 seconds.

Making love is more about quality, and it makes 158 times a year on average, only once every 2.31 days. On average, there are about 8 personality partners in a lifetime, which is the most tacit understanding of women with A blood type.

Male with AB blood type

Men with AB blood type are more serious sexists. It is not difficult to cooperate with him. He also likes yellow jokes, but in fact, they are clean and sexual, so they are still in a natural way.

Some of them believe that a partner must be a virgin, otherwise he will appear to be not active. At this time, it is best to create a perfect atmosphere in the form of nature. Men with blood type are most conservative, and their average sex time is about 6 minutes and 10 seconds, and the lasting force ranks second. The average sex is about 173 times a year, and it is done every 2.1 days.

On average, there are about 3 personality partners in the lifetime, the least number, the best match with the A-type woman. Sexually conservative, will not easily go to bed with a woman, if you go to bed, you must have feelings.

O blood type male

O blood type men like to have a regular sex life. It is an indispensable thing in life to think that making love is like eating.

Although blood-type males enthusiastically accept sex, they also show a lighter attitude. Usually, the relationship between men and women will break through the intellectual defense line because of the rising emotional sentiment. In turn, the experience of sexual love, apparently, is quite different from male trading love. Generally speaking, men with blood type are more active in love, but tend to be greedy.

Although the process of making love is serious and delicate, it is impossible to grasp the good memories of the moment afterwards.

Men with blood type have an average sex time of about 5 minutes and 32 seconds, ranking third among the four blood types. The average sex is about 180 times a year, and it is done every 1.91 days. On average, there are about 6 personality partners in the whole life, which is the most suitable for women with O blood type.

Scientific sex frequency

The most desirable frequency is that the husband and wife agree on sex, not on the fixed model.

once a day

Admire your extraordinary energy, but don’t “sex for sex” and ignore emotions. John Ganeton, a sociology professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, suggests focusing on the time and frequency of sex and discussing with partners whether sex frequency is appropriate and trying to satisfy both physical and mental aspects.

Twice a week

This is the “standard sex frequency” that many people stick to, but Dr. Eric Jensen, an expert at the Institute of Sexology at Indiana University, says this is not scientific. The true scientific frequency of sex is determined by the needs of the body and the emotions of both parties. Couples live together for a long time, the frequency of sex will form a habit, easy to become more formal than the essence. At this point, the couple should learn to break the routine, such as changing the time and place.

Two or three times a month

If both of them accept this frequency, don’t worry too much. Mary Urapini, a psychotherapist in Houston, USA, said that for some couples’ sex life, quality outweighs quantity. Especially after the age of 40, a quality sex is better than a daily passion. The two sides will learn new things together, explore together and other activities will bring the husband and wife relationship closer, increase intimacy, and natural love will come naturally.

Once a month

When husband and wife sex is only once a month, both parties need to openly and honestly engage in a one-time love dialogue. At this time, it is likely that there is a problem with one’s body or feelings, but the relationship between husband and wife is still maintainable. The two sides should solve the problem through communication, such as the wife’s greater efforts in sex, and the husband is willing to lower his sexual love requirements.

Several times a year

At this time, low sexual desire may be the main reason. In fact, most men are plagued by sexual problems. There are many “causes”, such as hormone levels and stress. Men often avoid talking about the problem of reduced sexual desire, because this is an inseparable part of “masculine”. In fact, regardless of men and women, the emergence of sexual desire should be straightforward, and seek medical advice in a timely manner.

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