Menstruation to make love, can’t you do it?

When it comes to menstrual sex, most women feel unclean and therefore unwilling to try. This is mostly due to cultural practices. In many cultural practices, menstruation is considered unclean and brings bad luck. And disease. But from a health perspective, it is not necessary to have sex during menstruation.

Lace Mini Skirt Sexy Buttocks Beauty - How to be health
Lace Mini Skirt Sexy Buttocks Beauty – How to be health

Menstrual sexual intercourse, no need to avoid

For example, some women during the menstrual period because the vagina is more lubricated than usual, and the feeling of swelling at the pelvic cavity makes them more likely to reach the climax in sexual behavior. Endorphins produced in the body during climax also have certain benefits for menstruating women. The natural compound synthesized in the body has the effects of relieving pain and making the spirit pleasant, and has a certain alleviating effect on dysmenorrhea, headache and mild depression which often occur in women during menstruation. As for the sense of uncleanness caused by sexual activity during menstruation, it can also be alleviated by making love while taking a shower.

Of course, the resistance of menstruating women will also decline. Usually, the normal vaginal flora grows in the vagina, which can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria or fungi, but other fungi or bacteria are more likely to infect the vagina as the vaginal acidity decreases during menstruation. At the same time, the cervix will open in the menstrual period so that the menstrual blood will flow out, which also gives the bacteria a great opportunity to enter the pelvic cavity. The invasion of bacteria can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, if you intend to have sexual intercourse during menstruation, you must do a good job of cleaning.

Lace Mini Skirt Sexy Buttocks Beauty - How to be health
Lace Mini Skirt Sexy Buttocks Beauty – How to be health

If you have a sexually transmitted disease, menstrual sex

However, the above-mentioned situation is only for healthy people. If the factor of sexually transmitted diseases is increased, menstrual sexual intercourse is a bit unsafe. In an article published in the American Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, “Sexually Transmitted Diseases”, in 1996, sexual intercourse was associated with an increase in the rate of sexually transmitted infections. The study investigated a total of 1,586 active women with active sex, 26% of women regularly had vaginal intercourse during menstruation, and 16% had sexual intercourse during the most recent menstrual period.

After controlling for other variables, data analysis showed that women with higher education, more frequent sex, and more sexual partners had more menstrual behavior than other respondents. By comparing with self-reported data on STD history, the researchers found that women who had sex during menstruation had a higher rate of STD infection than other subjects.

The cause of this result may be that the cervical mucosa of menstruating women is more vulnerable. In addition, contaminated menstrual blood may also flow back into the fallopian tube under intense piston movement. Also, for Neisseria gonorrhoeae, iron in the menstrual blood promotes their growth. Of course, it is also possible that women who are willing to express their sexual behavior in the survey are not as conservative as other women, so they will not hide their sexual history; or because they are more active in their sexual life and have symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. It is also more sensitive, and treatment, diagnosis, etc. are also more timely. However, the husk temperament here reminds everyone that it is best not to take the risk.

In addition, the concentration of blood-borne sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or hepatitis virus will increase in secretions such as menstrual blood, so that women with disease will be more likely to pass these diseases to their partners.

In short, menstrual sex is not a need to avoid, but only if there is a fixed sexual partner and the use of condoms as a protective measure. In addition, if you have a sexually transmitted disease, you should completely avoid sexual intercourse during menstruation.

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