10 of the most common forms of unwanted pregnancies

As modern men and women become more open to sexual attitudes, an unsafe sexual act that seeks excitement may allow young people to experience the hardships of their parents early. If you have sex and don’t want to have children so fast, you have to consider the problem of contraception, but there are always some wrong ways to use or because of bad luck, the female partner “wins”.

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1. Use a tooth to tear the condom package

If you accidentally may cause the condom to break, the sperm can not stop in the process of sex.

2. Apply oily lubricant to the condom

Because oily lubricants break down the latex condom, causing many tiny holes, thus increasing contraceptive failure. It is recommended to choose a water-based or alkaline lubricant.

3. Use expired condoms

Condoms also have an expiration date. If you see each other picking up an old condom from the deepest part of the wallet, please take a closer look at the expiration date, because once it expires, the latex may lose its elasticity and easily break. Condoms that have been in a high temperature or low temperature environment for a long time may have problems before the expiration date.

4. No space left at the top of the condom

The front end of the condom has a pointed “storage capsule” that needs to be pinched to ensure that there is no air leak, otherwise the sperm will overflow from both sides of the condom after ejaculation. When wearing, hold the front end of the condom with one hand and the other hand down the penis to ensure that the front end is in a vacuum state and there is sufficient storage space after ejaculation.

5. Unsafe sex during the physiological period

Can a female partner not wear love when she is in a physiological period? Sperm can survive in women for up to 5 days, while women’s ovulation is as unpredictable as the weather, so it is still possible to become pregnant.

Classroom sexy black silk beauty Cosplay - How to be health
Classroom sexy black silk beauty Cosplay – How to be health

6. Safe period contraception

Girls’ ovulation period is easily affected by various factors, and sperm can survive in women for up to 5 days, one delay in advance, making the safe period contraceptive method unsafe.

7. Wearing underwear and honing

Sex without “entry” may also be pregnant! Even wearing a panty rub, there is a very low pregnancy possibility. Sometimes the sperm of a boy will penetrate into the underwear, and if the underwear of the girl is just a side, the sperm may come into contact with the vaginal opening.

8. Anal sex

Even if you don’t have sex with your partner, you may become pregnant! The vaginal opening and the anal opening are close, and a small amount of semen may be scattered around the vaginal opening, which may cause the woman to become pregnant.

9. Finger

If a male finger accidentally gets his semen and inserts his finger into the vagina, it may also lead to an unwanted pregnancy.

10. Bathtub sex

Making love in the bathtub, although the possibility of pregnancy is relatively low, but still can not rule out the possibility.

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