What food can pregnant women not eat? Taboo recipe for pregnant women.

Most of the statements on the Internet are not credible. Although many respondents are doctors, the actual level is fundamentally different from the discipline. Many foods, Chinese medicine and Western medicine are different views. Western medicine analyzes the substances contained in food, and Chinese medicine analyzes the heat and coldness of food.

Generally speaking, things that can usually be eaten can also be eaten during pregnancy. Do not eat if you can’t eat or know bad things, such as pickled foods, charred foods, betel nut and other carcinogens, or wild mushrooms, puffer fish and other toxic foods. In addition, most of the food is meaningless when it is thrown away.

Pregnant woman diet

Then introduce the international medically recognized dietary risk during pregnancy.

Food that pregnant women cannot eat: raw food

The first is raw food, the main risk of raw food is Listeria, Listeria is commonly found in raw meat and food, pregnant women due to decreased immunity during pregnancy, the risk of infection with Listeria is 13 times that of ordinary people.

Raw food that is easy to ignore:

  • Incompletely cooked steak
  • Incompletely cooked poached eggs, including egg bread and other foods containing raw egg liquids, such as tiramisu
  • Sashimi, oysters, raw shellfish, some sushi
  • Cheese is soft and hard, soft cheese is unpasteurized dairy products, do not eat. Regular packaging of milk, yogurt, and dry cheese is beneficial to calcium supplementation during pregnancy and is edible.
  • Meat cooked food that has been overheated is still at risk due to long-term storage. It is best to heat it again, including meat cooked outside.

Supplement: Listeria mainly refers to raw meat, vegetables and fruit products can be safely eaten after washing.

Food that pregnant women cannot eat: alcohol

The second is alcohol, alcohol intake during pregnancy and lactation, which will have adverse effects on the neurodevelopment of the fetus. In the normal diet, the flavoring wine, such as cooking wine, has mostly evaporated during the heating process, and the amount of alcohol consumed is negligible. Of course, there are exceptions, such as drunk crabs, yellow wine pheasant and other seasoning wines.

Food that pregnant women cannot eat: deep-sea fish

The third is deep-sea fish with a large amount of mercury. According to the fish species announced by the American Academy of Pediatrics, there are mainly square-headed fish, sharks, swordfish, and squid. Among the four categories, sharks that are easily accessible, including shark fins, are shark parts. In addition, do not eat more than 340 grams of fish per week, and do not exceed 170 grams of tuna.

Food that pregnant women can’t eat: dose problem

Caffeine, including coffee, chocolate, cola, red bull, tea, etc. Caffeine has an exciting effect on the human body. If you consume more than 200 mg of caffeine per day, it will increase the chance of miscarriage and fetal malformation.

Foods high in sugar can easily cause diabetes during pregnancy.

There are many factors in abortion, mostly due to chromosomal variation, endocrine disorders, and diseases. The abortion caused solely by ordinary food is almost insignificant.

Other online popular foods that are not suitable for pregnancy

  • Estrogen: Royal Jelly
  • Alkaloids: long-term potatoes
  • High iron content: spinach
  • Vitamin A is too high: pig liver

Too much of the above substances do have the risk of teratogenicity and miscarriage. However, like cold and hot foods, if you don’t eat every day, eat meals, and occasionally twice, the risk is impossible to talk about.

It is worth mentioning that the foods circulating on the Internet have been widely tested and proven to have no scientific basis. Pregnancy diet should be more balanced, balanced nutrition.

Nutrients that need to be replenished during pregnancy

Folic acid should be added from pregnancy to pregnancy for three months, and calcium tablets can be added in the middle and late stages. It can also be obtained from milk.

Other traditional tonics mainly include bird’s nest, sea cucumber and flower gum. The most mainstream tonic in pregnancy is bird’s nest, and bird’s nest is also a tonic that is often asked and has more problems during the outpatient process.

Modern medical research has found that bird’s nest is the only natural food that has been proven to contain up to 10% sialic acid, which plays an important role in the mental development of the fetus. What is more beneficial is that the growth factors contained in bird’s nest have a certain effect on the damage of the upper respiratory tract and skin growth, and have obvious fetal and fetus effects on preventing cold during pregnancy and improving maternal and child immunity during pregnancy.

Bird’s nest is not a must, giving birth to a healthy and beautiful baby, more depends on the nutritional balance during pregnancy, and develop regular living habits.

Pregnant woman diet summary

In general, it is actually very simple. Do not eat the original bad things, raw food must be fully cooked before eating, caffeine, alcohol should not be contacted, deep-sea fish should pay attention, other foods, if not too much food, generally do not cause problems.

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