Eye myopia: try to eat more of these foods

With the popularity of electronic products, people are also suffering from certain injuries when they enjoy the convenience they bring. In recent years, nearsightedness has almost become a common problem. Some people choose to go to the hospital to treat vision through lasers. However, laser surgery is risky after all, and after a certain period of time, it does not pay attention to rest, and then too much. Using electronic products is easy to cause a rebound. And if the degree of myopia continues to increase, laser treatment can not be done.

Therefore, many people prefer to ease myopia through daily dietary improvements. Now many people like to make a pot of chrysanthemum tea. It is believed that this type of tea can play an eye-protecting role, and to a certain extent, it can also alleviate the symptoms of myopia.

Chrysanthemum tea, generally has the effect of dispersing wind heat, Pinggan Ming, often used to treat wind-heat fever, dizziness, red eyes and swelling, dizzy eyes. In fact, drinking chrysanthemum tea can also alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes, play a role in the eyesight, but there is no scientific basis that drinking chrysanthemum tea can treat myopia.

person blue eyes photography
person blue eyes photography

What should I eat to improve myopia?

1, vitamin supplements. If you want to treat myopia, you usually need to eat more carrots. It is good for eyesight, but also eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins. Vitamins are essential nutrients for the human body. They play an extremely important role in human metabolism. They should also eat more eggs, milk, fish, and meat. They can consume enough protein and the eye can get the nutrients they need. To achieve the goal of improving sight.

2, supplement chromium and zinc. In general, patients with myopia generally lack chromium and zinc, so eat moderate amounts of foods containing more chromium and zinc. Common foods rich in chromium and zinc include soybeans, almonds, seaweed, kelp, milk powder, tea, beef, mutton, and yellow croaker.

3, add calcium. The tough outer shell of the eye is the sclera. Eat more foods containing calcium, can enhance the toughness of the sclera, can better protect the eye. Common calcium-containing foods include milk, bean products, shrimp, shrimp, eggs, rape, peanuts, jujube and so on.

In addition to eating on the diet to help restore the vision of food, usually also pay attention to eye care, to correct bad eye habits, pay attention to eye health.

Eye fatigue is the primary cause of myopia, so don’t use excessive eyes. Frequent blinking can relieve eye fatigue, but also make eyes more godlike. After studying or working for a period of time, to look into the distance or look at the green plants can relieve eye fatigue and relax. When conditions permit, you can also use cooked eggs to roll back and forth along the edge of the eye, which can relieve eye fatigue.

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