Why get up in the morning dry throat pain?How to deal with?

After a night of rest, after getting up in the morning, you should be full of energy and full of energy. However, many people are troubled by the pain in their throats. How do you get up in the morning and get a sore throat?

What happened to the dry throat in the morning?
What happened to the dry throat in the morning?

Air drying

In addition to climate-induced air drying, air-drying in air-conditioned, heated rooms can cause air to dry. Air drying can cause the body to lose water, causing dry throat problems in the morning. This can be done with a moisturizer or Sprinkle some water in the room before going to bed.

Suggestion: Put a pot of water in the room will help increase the humidity of the room.

Body water shortage

Some people do not like to drink water at ordinary times. The throat lacks moisture for a long time. Over time, it will cause dryness in the morning.

Recommendation: Drink plenty of water and other beverages to moisturize dry throat tissue. However, some beverages should be avoided: thick dairy beverages tend to increase the mucus in the throat, further stimulating the tissue; orange juice may irritate the already inflamed throat; caffeinated beverages have diuretic effects and cause the body to lose moisture.


Some people like to eat hot oil foods that are heavy and hot. These hot foods accumulate in the body and heat up inside, causing them to get angry and cause dry throat pain in the morning.

Recommendation: Use appropriate amounts of bitter-sweet bellflowers, licorice, and mint to brew when the tea is used for drinking. This can relieve and improve the discomfort of dry throat pain caused by getting angry.

Sleeping with open mouth

Some people get up in the throat because of dry mouth pain caused by sleeping. Under normal circumstances, air is first moistened in the nasal cavity before entering the throat and lungs. But breathing through your mouth, skip this procedure and make the throat dry and uncomfortable.

Suggestion: Use a humidifier to increase the humidity of the room.


Mumps is a virus that infects the salivary glands and causes dry throat pain in the morning. People who have never had this disease should pay special attention. It is recommended that patients with this disease be rested in bed. It is recommended to go to a regular hospital immediately.


Inflammation of the throat can cause dry throat and dryness in the morning. Do not smoke and drink alcohol, try to drink liquid food as much as possible to avoid irritation of the throat. If you do not see it within 48 hours, please go to the hospital.

Excessive use of throat

Excessive use of the throat may also be an important cause of dry sore throat in the morning. It is common in orchestras, teachers, and other occupations that require long-term use of scorpions.

Recommendation: Do not eat too spicy food, drink plenty of water, you can try to use throat lozenges.

What should you do with sore throat?

  • Relieve swelling and discomfort through gargle. Mix a teaspoon of salt with about 200ml of warm water and allow the liquid to flow deep into the throat. Gently raise your head and rinse your mouth. Spit it out after you rinse your mouth. Rinse about once per hour. After the step is completed, rinse with clean water to remove the odor in the mouth
  • Use over-the-counter lozenges to relieve symptoms. Many of the herbal lozenges you can buy directly on the counter contain analgesic ingredients and taste lemon and honey.
  • Use throat sprays to relieve pain. Like throat lozenges, throat sprays can also help relieve pain by numbing the inner wall of the throat. Follow the instructions on the label and take it at a certain dose. If you need to know if you can use it with certain treatments or drugs, you should consult a doctor or pharmacist.
  • Pain through heat. You can drink hot tea, take lozenges, use sprays and other internal methods to relieve pain, then how about trying to deal with sore throat from the outside? Wrap it around the throat with a warm external application. Use a hot pad, a bottle of hot water, or a towel soaked in hot water.
  • Use the chamomile tea to make a hot compress. Soak a chamomile tea (or soak a teaspoon of dried chamomile in 250-500 ml of boiling water). Wait until the temperature of the tea can be touched by hand, soak a clean towel in the tea, wring it out and float it on the neck. This can be repeated if necessary.
  • Use sea salt and water as ointment. Mix 500 mg of sea salt with 5 to 6 tea spoons of warm water to make a mixture that is moist but does not contain too much water. Put the salt in the center of a clean towel, roll it up on the longer side, and apply it around your neck around your neck. Cover it with another dry towel and apply as long as you need.
  • Rest more. Sore throat is not a simple pain, but is accompanied by a variety of diseases, such as: cold, inflammation, etc., so when the throat is painful, it is best to reduce outdoor exercise and more rest.
  • Wear mask. When the throat is in pain, pay special attention to the intake of air. If you inhale air from bacteria or viruses, you can worsen your condition.
  • Hospital treatment. If your condition is very serious and you can’t relieve it after a break, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment. Some of the inflammation needs to be treated with antibiotics.

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