What effect does running have on your brain?

Those who love running, always think that running has endless benefits, for example, it is very relieved, people are more agile, and thinking is clear. But is this true?

If you ask people who love to run and fall in love with the reasons for running, their answer may be not just to stay in shape. Other answers may include running that lets you think clearly, inspire ideas, and even make people better leaders.

If you think that running is not your dish, you may think, “The breathless, the brain should not be able to think about it,” How can there be so many psychological benefits?

But scientific research is on the runner’s side. More and more research reports indicate that running can change the brain and affect the runner’s mind.

The British Psychological Research Digest recently compiled a new research report on running sports. Some studies will definitely make people who love running excited and inexplicable. Maybe they will let people who have not been running in the past start looking for a pair of good running shoes.

What effect does running have on your brain?
What effect does running have on your brain?

First, sprint can improve self-control and self-learning ability

Sprinting sounds tiresome, but its benefits are not just increasing speed or training lung capacity. The study subjects subjects to a 10-minute dash sprint and received a Stroop effect test to assess their mental ability. The results showed that the runners’ motility and execution immediately increased.

In other words, sprinting can effectively enhance self-control, decision-making and willpower.

Another study also explained the other benefits of sprinting. The researchers first used letters to spell out some vocabulary words, and then the people who just finished sprinting tried to carry these words. As a result, runners who had just finished sprints had a 20% faster memory. In addition, their memory is still relatively long, because after a week of testing, they still remember more.

Second, running makes people more agile

A study found a well-built sailor and continued Intervals for seven weeks, which was the fast and slow running training. The results of the study show that these sailors’ cognitive abilities are more flexible and their minds are more agile.

3. Running can really eliminate distractions and make the mind clear

Many people who love to run say that running has them distracted, and a study by Experimental Brain Research last year also put forward relevant evidence to support this statement.

The report pointed out that letting runners after long-distance running receive brain scans and found that long-distance running can really reduce the activity level of specific areas of the brain.

Fourth, running may help brain cells grow

A long time ago, the scientific community believed that when the adult was grown up, the brain was shaped and shaped, but a new study found that human minds will continue to proliferate cells. Running seems to speed up the growth of brain cells (at least this has been confirmed in mice), and more research is still needed to prove that running can also accelerate the growth of brain cells.

Fifth, running will help you deal with stress

A common saying states that running is decompression. Today, science also proves that this statement is true. Even if you just run for 30 minutes, it will help people resolve negative emotions. For those who are conscious of the difficulty in coping with negative emotions, the effect of running and relaxing pressure is particularly obvious.

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