Smoking and drinking will hurt your eyes

Will smoking and drinking hurt your eyes? The answer is yes. Doctors pointed out that smoking and drinking in addition to causing heart and lung problems, in fact, will also cause great damage to the eyes; for those who have serious vision damage, such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, or ischemic optic neuropathy, ” “Smoking” and “drinking” are dangerous pathogenic factors.

Cigarettes are invisible killers of eyesight, and quit smoking habits can protect your eyes.

How to delay eye aging? Vitamins and minerals help

In terms of macular lesions, smoking is the most important risk factor for macular degeneration in addition to age. Studies have confirmed that people who smoke have twice or three times the chance of getting macular degeneration than non-smokers, and the more they smoke, the easier it is to get eye disease.

This is because the eyeball is an organ rich in blood vessels. The retina and choroid are filled with dense blood vessels. To achieve normal function, adequate blood circulation is very important. When the blood oxygen supply is insufficient, eye damage may result.

The nicotine contained in cigarettes is a vasoconstrictive factor that reduces the concentration of antioxidants in the blood stream, directly affects the choroidal blood flow velocity of the eye, and also reduces the ability of photoreceptor cells to remove waste. Moreover, smoking also reduces retinal pigments. The concentration of epithelial lutein, in turn, causes oxidative damage to the retina.

In addition, nicotine also inhibits the absorption of lutein in the macular region and inhibits the complementation of blue light. People who smoke for a long time may cause low levels of lutein, but once the eye has insufficient lutein and cannot resist strong light damage, it may cause macular degeneration; if it has dry macular lesions and continue to smoke, it may even be possible. It will turn into wet macular degeneration 10 years earlier.

Excessive alcohol abuse fears retina damage

Regarding the association between drinking and macular diseases, Dr. Chen Yingshan pointed out that many studies have pointed out that excessive drinking has a certain relationship with the formation of macular lesions. As alcohol increases oxidative stress, drinking can also cause malnutrition and reduce blood levels of vitamin E, zinc, and carotene.

Not only macular lesions, drinking and eye stroke are also closely related, regardless of the type of wine, as long as the drink will cause the blood flow to speed up, if you combine with high blood pressure, but also with hot pot or greasy food, not only blood pressure will be high It can also cause turbidity in the blood vessels. The blood from the heart can easily cause obstruction through the eyes and affect the function of the retina.

Ophthalmologists share 2 tips for eye protection

Remind everyone that smoking, drinking, and other unhealthy living habits are very likely to cause a large loss of lutein in the macula and insufficient lutein. Once the lutein in the macula is insufficient, it can easily cause photophobia and blurred vision. symptom. Therefore, in order to maintain the health of the eyes, it is best to be able to do the smoking cessation and correct dietary concepts. Adding more green vegetables and lutein and controlling the avoidance of the three heights is the right way to protect the eye.

At the same time, doctor Chen Yingshan shared personal eye experience, suggesting that the public can use the following 2 secrets, prevention is better than cure:

Tips 1.: Eye Care Supplements

Dr. Chen Yingshan will eat about 6~8mg lutein health food after breakfast to help the eye cells to resist oxidation and reduce the damage to the macular area caused by blue light. The recommended dosage is not more than 10mg; after serving three meals, one will also consume about 1000~1200mg of fish oil. Protects eye cell membranes.

Tip 2.: Eat dark green vegetables and fish

Dr. Chen Yingshan will eat a dark green vegetable such as broccoli and spinach at dinner and another vegetable of different colors such as carrot and corn. He will eat sashimi once a week, especially deep-sea fish such as salmon, rich in fish oil, but in fish oil Omega-3 is not heat-resistant, should be steamed instead of fried, fried, fried.

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