Mango is easy allergy, how to eat ability to avoid?

Do you know. Eat a mango of about 300g, can supplement 110mg vitamin C, equivalent to a day to meet the intake, as well as vitamin A, B group, E, K and rich dietary fiber, is a high nutritional value fruit. 

Mango first came from India, but later introduced some new varieties of mango, flesh delicate, sweet aroma.

Mango first came from India, and then introduced a number of new mango varieties, pulp delicate, sweet fragrance, is a high nutritional value of fruit. (123RF)

Eating mango has many benefits for the body

Promote brain health: Mango is rich in vitamin B6 and other B vitamins and can maintain the health of brain neurotransmitters.

Lower blood pressure: Mango is rich in minerals potassium and magnesium, and low in sodium, so it can help regulate blood pressure and protect cardiovascular.

Eye protection, skin care: Mango contains vitamin A and zeaxanthin, which helps to protect against oxidation and protect eyesight. Among them, mango contains a higher content of vitamin C, more than oranges, strawberries, helps reduce the production of oxidized free radicals, maintain skin health, beauty is a good fruit.

Strengthen the bones: If the body’s vitamin K content is insufficient, it is prone to fractures, affect calcium absorption, eat mango can help the body to supplement vitamin K.

Since mango has so much benefit to human health, negative rumors about mango have not been broken. Is there any way to crack it?

1. Eat ripe mangoes:

The allergenic substance urushiol is relatively high in green, immature mangoes and less in mature mangoes. Therefore, when choosing a mango, it is better to pick ripe fruits, which can reduce allergies.

When choosing a mango, it is better to pick ripe fruits to reduce allergies.

2. Wear gloves, cut mango skin with knife:

Many sensitizing substances are present on the skin of mangoes. Therefore, when eating mangoes, try not to touch the skin directly by hand. You can wear plastic gloves to clean the mangoes, then use a knife to remove the peels and thoroughly remove the fine hair between the peel and the pulp. Can avoid contaminating sensitized substances and reduce allergic reactions.

Also note that due to the high potassium and sugar content of mango, kidney patients and diabetics should be consumed according to the advice of physicians and nutritionists.

In addition, even if the corresponding measures are still taken to allergies, or people who are allergic to mango pulp, it is better to eat carefully.

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