How to minimize the harm of staying up late

In ancient times, people made the sunrise, sunset, and let the body obey the arrangement of nature. Nowadays, many people have to stay up late and sacrifice health for time because of busy work and communication, which leads to a series of health problems. Since staying up late unavoidably, then how can reduce to the bodily harm?

photo of person holding alarm clock
photo of person holding alarm clock

Staying up late has seven major injuries to your body. injury one: deafness tinnitus . Lack of sleep can lead to insufficient blood supply in the inner ear, injury to hearing, prolonged stay up late may cause deafness. Injury two: obesity. Night people often eat “supper”, not only difficult to digest, the other morning will also be poor appetite, resulting in uneven nutrition, causing obesity. Damage three: Skin damage. Skin in the late 10-11 points into the maintenance state, a long night, the endocrine and nervous system will be maladjusted, so that the skin dry, poor elasticity, dull, dark sores, acne, black spots and other problems. Injury IV: Memory decline. Stay up late the sympathetic nerves in the night to stay excited, to the day will appear no spirit, dizziness brain rise, memory loss, inattention, unresponsive and so on. A long time, there will be neurasthenia , insomnia and other problems. Injury five: Gastrointestinal crisis. The human gastric mucosal epithelial cells are updated on an average of 2-3 days, and are usually performed at night. If eating at night, the gastrointestinal tract can not be rested, it will affect the repair process. At the same time, supper prolonged stagnation in the stomach, prompting a large amount of gastric juice secretion, the gastric mucosa caused by stimulation, over time, easily lead to gastric mucosal erosion, ulcers. Injury VI: Immunity decline. Often stay up late, tired, depressed situation, the body’s immune system will follow down, colds , allergies and so on will be found on your head. Injury seven: Heart risk. The long-term “black and white upside down” people, not only temper will be bad, internal organs are not timely adjustment, so that the risk of heart disease increased.

If you have to stay up late, make the following preparations in advance.

Straighten out the waist in the evening. The 17~19 point is the most likely time period for the body temperature to rise, and proper exercise can increase the temperature difference at bedtime and help to fall asleep quickly. If you are working overtime at this time, you may wish to stretch your waist: sit or stand, hands crossed, two arms stretched to the maximum stretching over the head, head up, deep breathing, repeatedly do several times, time to 5-10 minutes advisable.

Dinner is divided into two meals. eating at night can affect growth hormone secretion, undigested food will stimulate the stomach work, reduce the quality of sleep, so the dinner as much as possible before bedtime 3 hours. But if you need to stay up late, can be divided into two meals, first in the normal dinner time simple to eat, if you are hungry at night, eat less. This will reduce the food residue in the stomach.

Don’t nod off early. work overtime or go home on the road, even if tired do not doze off, otherwise it will release the human body in advance of sleep substance tryptophan, disturb the sleep rhythm, resulting in no deep sleep.

Take a long walk from work. If you are full of work, the brain will not be relaxed. Walking for a while after work can switch the brain from working mode to rest mode to help you sleep. When walking, focus on the rhythm of breathing, 1 times each walk 4 steps.

Don’t be obsessed with things. Many people back home will be watching TV while eating, or listening to music while surfing the internet, and so do two things at the same time, will increase the stimulation of the brain, so that the brain excited, affect sleep. Do not be distracted, one by one, in order.

Apply a hot towel to your shoulder. to fall asleep quickly, you can take a bath for 10 minutes before bedtime, the water temperature in 38℃~40℃, can promote blood circulation, distribute body heat, reduce the burden of joint muscles, relax body and mind. If there is no time, you can apply a piece of hot towel on the shoulder, or rinse the neck with hot water, activating blood recover from fatigue effect is good.

Get into a regiment after going to bed. Improving peripheral arterial blood flow can help relieve fatigue and promote sleep. Turn off the light after bed, might as well two knees together, hands hold the knee, thigh as far as possible to the chest, keep this posture for a moment, and then recover, repeatedly do several times.

Don’t forget to take a nap. there is a proverb called: “Do not sleep overnight, ten nights do not wake up.” It means that if you do not sleep all night, you will sleep for another 10 nights, and you cannot make up the damage. Schming deputy director suggested, after staying up the best remedial measure is to sleep, in addition to normal night rest, but also “jianfengchazhen” to nap. Young people with 2-3 days, 40 years old and over 5 days of the body can recover.

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