6 habits make your teeth no longer whiter

Harold Katz, a dental dentist in California, said that the outermost layer of tooth enamel is usually white to pale blue gray. As the enamel becomes thinner, the lower yellow dentin will gradually appear. Fortunately, by changing the following six wrong habits, you can keep your enamel healthy, avoid dentin exposure, and avoid stains that make your teeth dark.

Although brushing your teeth often is a good habit, but too hard to brush or brush too quickly, it will brush away the enamel
Although brushing your teeth often is a good habit, but too hard to brush or brush too quickly, it will brush away the enamel

• Excessive use of mouthwash or mouthwash with too much acid

Many people are accustomed to using mouthwashes to keep their breath fresh, but Katz warns that many commercially available mouthwashes are acidic, and if they are used too often to destroy the skin, they may wish to keep the mouth clean with more brushing and regular tooth cleaning.

• Eat too sour

Eating too much acid can also harm enamel. These include citrus fruits, fruit juices, tomatoes, pineapples, vinegar, and carbonated drinks. Katz said that this does not mean that you can not eat these fruits and vegetables or drinks, but drink plenty of water after eating, it can also prevent blueberries, dark tea, wine to make teeth darken.

• Drink coffee

Katia Friedman of the Freimann Dental Group, Katya Friedman, said that although researchers found that drinking coffee is good for the body, the longer the coffee stays in the mouth, the longer the teeth will stay in contact. Staining media. She suggests that you can drink faster or use a straw to reduce the time the staining medium stays in your mouth.

• smokes

The chemicals in the cigarette or tobacco roll will adhere to the enamel, causing the teeth to yellow; the longer the smoke, the more obvious.

• poor oral hygiene habits

Infrequent brushing or flossing can cause tooth plaque to accumulate on the surface of the tooth, destroying the enamel that protects the tooth, and therefore also turning the tooth yellow.

• Brush your teeth too hard

Mazen Natour, a denture specialist, said that while brushing your teeth is a good habit, brushing too hard or too fast will not be good for your teeth. If you use powdered toothpaste, I am afraid it will be even worse. I will brush off the enamel and expose the dentin.

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