The universally accepted way to live a long life is to sing

Summer, running, swimming, these strenuous exercise, let a lot of people really stay away. What other activities can help us exercise without wasting too much time and effort? “how to be health” suggests that you might as well sing a song! According to a survey conducted by the American Center for Gerontology, singers and musicians live longer than ordinary people.

Yes, you can love from the age of 1 to 100 years of age, the health of the campaign, it is not singing!

Singing is a world recognized healthy lifestyle

Each song is a body massage, singing is a rhythmic body massage. When singing, the breath in the inner circle of the body, like massage, which can not be replaced by any kind of exercise.

Listening to music only mobilizes your ears and brain, while singing involves your whole body!

1. Enhancing cardiopulmonary function.

People who have a strong heart and lung function are less likely to get sick. Because a healthy lung is like a filter that helps you take away the “trash” from your body with every breath you take.

And a healthy heart is like an engine that allows every organ in your body to be fed with enough blood to slow aging and boost immunity.

Singing can speed up blood circulation, is a very conducive to exercise cardiopulmonary function, increase vital capacity of the activity.

According to statistics, the general adult vital capacity is about 3500 ml, and the singer’s lung capacity is often 4000 ml or so.

Decreased vital capacity is the beginning of a person’s aging. If you want cardiopulmonary health to help you “keep your time,” sing loudly!

2. Keep your brain active.

The brain has the characteristics of “no use, waste”, “do not advance is retreat” characteristics, exercise the brain, is a lifetime should adhere to the activity!

Music uses the right brain, while language uses the left brain. Singing is one of the most suitable ways to “use your brain”.

When singing, you need to use your brain to memorize tunes and lyrics, which is a powerful mental activity.

There are so many new songs and old songs that it’s challenging to sing them all down.

3. Improving immunity.

Singing from the abdomen can burn 2 kilocalories per minute for a person weighing 60 kilograms. In theory, singing a song is like running 100 meters.

And, according to tests by medical experts, the brain produces and releases brain hormones similar to morphine when singing, especially when singing a favorite song. It can promote and stimulate the increase of immunoglobulin and anti-stress hormone, thereby improving the immunity of the body.

4. Improving gastrointestinal health.

If a person is sad and depressed, these negative emotions can cause the human body to secrete too much acid in the stomach. In the long run, the stomach health is not optimistic.

But singing can help you improve your stomach and intestines.

On the one hand, sad songs can vent bad emotions, happy songs can find a good mood. Good mood, natural appetite, gastric acid secretion will tend to balance.

On the other hand, singing abdominal muscles get exercise, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, beneficial digestion.

Although singing is simple, it does not mean that lying down and humming can achieve fitness results. To learn to sing correctly, you need to remember 5 “better”.

1. It is better to sing standing than sitting.

Only when you stand up and sing, can you quicken the flow of blood and oxygen through your body between one breath and one breath. When standing, the legs are wide apart from the shoulders and the chest is raised, which is the most relaxed posture.

In this way, the strength of the abdomen can be transmitted to the lungs to form a linkage, and the voice is more natural and powerful, than sitting singing to the body better.

2. It is better to sing loudly than to sing quietly.

A lot of people like to hum songs, when walking, doing housework, bathing time will sing it unconsciously, this is also a way to relax the body and mind.

However, if you want to maximize the health value of singing, of course, it is to sing aloud.

In open areas, such as balconies, playgrounds, parks, breathless Dantian, singing, you will find that the more you sing the more spirit, the more happy singing.

About three or five friends sing together loudly, in the exercise at the same time also enhance the feelings.

3. Slow songs are better than fast songs.

Fast-paced songs are harder to sing, make you too nervous to sing wrong, and breath too short and too fast for everyone.

You know, the introduction to vocal music also begins with slow songs. Those long breath, melodious song, the most suitable for everyone to exercise cardiopulmonary respiratory function.

Only to give the body enough time to sound, in order to better mobilize the strength of the whole body, to achieve the effect of fitness.

4. It is better to dance while singing than to sing without moving.

When a singer sings, he can’t move around because he has to concentrate on the interpretation of the song. And we prefer to sing to exercise, then there is no more effective than singing and dancing!

Choose some light or melodious songs, accompanied by singing and dancing a little, is definitely a very happy and healthy thing.

5. Singing every day is better than singing once in a while.

Singing is like running and swimming. Doing it once in a while has a limited effect. Only when you stick to it for a long time can you improve your physical fitness from the inside out.

Singers and elderly people who love singing all the year round are healthier and live longer than those who never sing, the study found. Singing every day is easier to keep you going than running, swimming or exercising every day.

Take time out every day, practice breathing, a show of voice, it does not take long, you can feel the benefits of singing!

It is important to note that singing exercises do not take place after drunkenness or a full meal, which can lead to elevated blood pressure and rapid heartbeat.

Are you a singer? Share this knowledge with your family and friends and let them love singing with you.

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