American study: working meals may harm office workers

In the past, when discussing the impact of the workplace on health, the topic usually centered on sedentary behavior during office hours, but did you know that? According to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), another factor that affects the health of Americans may be food provided at work, especially free food. The results of the new study were presented at the American Nutrition Society’s annual meeting in Boston on June 11, 2018.

Working meal-How to be health
Working meal-How to be health

Stephen Onufrak, an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says we are surprised that so much food is free, especially if many people don’t even realize how many calories they’re eating.

The study looked at 5222 employees who were given food or drink at work, whether it was purchased from vending machines or cafeterias, or at corporate public areas or meetings. Even at work activities, etc., provided free of charge.

The results showed that almost a quarter of the participants received food at least once a week at work, adding an average of about 1300 calories. According to the study, most of the food is not bought from vending machines, but free food from the company, accounting for 71% of the total calories.

Stephen Onufrak says that because employees work at least eight hours a day on average, many people may not know how many calories they get at work, especially from free food. Free food includes shaved pizza, soda, biscuits, brownies, cakes, candy and more.

According to the study, foods provided in the workplace often contain large amounts of sodium and refined cereals, as well as very few whole grains and fruits, which are sources of high calorie intake. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the bad eating habits of the employees.

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