Sugar is not the only cause of cavities.

Some parents in coax the baby, will give the baby candy to eat, the result baby although did not cry, actually appeared the tooth decay. In fact, the baby tooth decay in addition to sugar, but also related to improper dental care.

For the baby, the harm of tooth decay mainly has the following points: one is to affect the growth and development, the second is to cause facial asymmetry, the third is secondary to other dental diseases, the fourth is to cause infectious diseases, the fifth is to affect mental health.


If you want to prevent cavities, you should pay attention to dental care. So, how to help baby care teeth?

When the baby has no teeth, Bao Ma can do a simple oral cleaning every time the baby drinks milk, such as wiping the baby’s gums with wet towels, gauze, etc., and cleaning the attachment on the gums.

For a 23-year-old baby whose teeth may not be fully grown, it is time for the baby to use a child’s toothbrush. It is suggested to use children’s fluorine-free toothpaste, and the dosage of toothpaste should not be too much, mung bean size can be used.

For 34-year-old children, children can use toothpaste with less fluoride, the dosage of toothpaste to soybean size is appropriate. The baby brushes the tooth time is every morning and evening each time, each time 2minutes, brushes the tooth the inside side, the outside side, the chewing surface and so on.

In addition, parents should also help babies develop good hygiene habits, such as mouthwash after meals.

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