What’s the best time to have sex? The relationship between sex and time.

Marital intercourse is not improvisation, come on. The blogger through a group of sex data found that the husband and wife sex not only sexual love time, there are many scales need to grasp, a look at it.

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1, 6-7 in the morning, the best sex.

The Kamar Kohurana study found that in the morning at 6-7, men were the most sensitive and sexually aggressive. After a night’s rest, fatigue is restored and energy is more abundant. At the same time, male hormone secretion is exuberant, the erection degree is more hard, lasting. In the psychological relatively relaxed, to their sexual ability is also more confident. So it’s a good idea to wake up in the morning and be gentle with your lover.

2, sex after 15 minutes of communication, the best effect.

If there is any misunderstanding between you, you need to apologize or explain, stay after sex and do it. The study found that 15 minutes after sex, men and women on the other side of the highest degree of recognition and latitude, seize the opportunity to communicate with him (her), many problems will be solved.

3, at night 10 o’clock, women are most likely to produce sexual fantasies.

Experts at Harvard Medical School in the United States found that at about 10 o’clock in the evening, the female brain creative cells are most active, at this time they are good at imagination, and fantasy content is mostly “sex”, “Love” related. Therefore, a man should go to bed before 10 and share her passion with her.

4. It takes 6 months on average from strangers to intimate contact.

Love is a process of understanding and exploring each other, too anxious not to enjoy the fun of love, too slow will lose the passion. Psychologists found that in married couples, the average time they had to have sex from their acquaintance was 6 months. 6 months is not long, and this progress will make your relationship and sex more harmonious.

5.8 o’clock in the evening, men’s sexual ability is the most unstable.

Night 8 o’clock is a man’s day of the most volatile male hormones, at this time he will feel tired, lower libido. If you choose to have sex at this time, it’s a ten-year disorder.

6, sex after 1 hours, not suitable for work.

Sex suppresses the brain’s logical areas of activity, accelerates blood circulation in the lower part of the body, gives the brain temporary ischemia, weakens logic, and solves problems, so take 1 hours off after sex and deal with other things. 

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