Three performances when women long for sex

Because women often lack initiative in sex, men often think that women lack sexual interest. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Sex life is a normal physiological and psychological need. Both men and women have sexual requirements. When women are sexually cold or sexually hungry, they are eager for sex. Women need sex and desire for sex. This is natural, reasonable, and beyond reproach. Do not treat this as contempt or lewdness.


It is often said that women are a book. But this book is not easy to read, especially on sexual issues. Women with these problems are usually reluctant to disclose it to men. Let us now uncover the sexual secrets of women who may be confused about you.

3 personal secrets that women do not want to reveal

In the woman’s inner world, there are some sexual secrets that can affect the couple’s feelings. They are usually unwilling to disclose these sexual secrets to men. Men only have to explore and manage themselves.

Sexual interest

Today, many husbands only care about making money and neglecting sex. The busy work reduces the energy of sex. Over time, the wife will become sexually hungry. Ah Hua, a 30-year-old woman, said in her psychological counseling: “I’ve been married for more than a decade and the couple’s sex has always been harmonious. But since my husband’s business, our sex life has become less and less, and every time afterwards, we always feel I was so tired that my original sexual pleasure was gone. I wanted to show him my inner world several times, but every time I talked to my mouth I didn’t say anything.”

Because women often lack initiative in sex, men often think that women lack sexual interest. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Sex life is a normal physiological and psychological need. Both men and women have sexual requirements. When women are sexually cold or sexually hungry, they are eager for sex. Women need sex and desire for sexual love. This is natural, reasonable, and beyond reproach. Do not treat this as sexual frivolity or sexual lust.

Sex life is shared by both spouses. No matter which side, they have the obligation to cooperate with each other, and they also have the right to sexual satisfaction. Therefore, when the wife needs sex, she may wish to tell her husband so that she can cooperate and obtain sexual satisfaction. However, if the husband is insane or ill-healthy, his wife must also think for him and try hard to restrain herself. At the same time, he must take the initiative to care for his caring husband. Do not blame or blame the husband for his lack of satisfaction. This will only affect the feelings of the couple. As a husband, even if you are busy with work, you must leave some energy and time for love.

Love needs time to consolidate and sexual harmony requires experience. Contemporary sexologists have repeatedly called for the fact that leaving sex for a little time and energy has its significance.

So what kind of sexual interest do women need? In fact, women of different ages often have different sexual desires. In general, twenty-year-old women pray for romantic sexuality, love and affection, poetic; thirty-year-old women, with the maturity of love, they long for their husbands to share the family, educate their children and pay attention to family life; Most women in their twenties want their husbands to have enough time for emotional communication. Women over the age of 50 are conscious of love words. They are eager to spend time with their husbands to recall past events and North and South Koreas. For this, the husband should be good at observing and exploring and giving his wife sexual interest in time to meet his sexual requirements.

Sexual suspicion

Avon’s husband is the manager of a company and the relationship between husband and wife has always been very good. However, Ah Fang said in his psychological counseling: “My husband has often brought female secretaries to the house. Even though I know they are working, I know that he will not leave me, but every time I see the female secretary She was very upset and uneasy, and whenever she had sex with her husband, her figure immediately appeared in front of my eyes, and suddenly, I didn’t have any interest.I wanted to tell my husband my heart, but I was afraid of damaging his self-esteem. How to do it?”

This kind of psychological depression in Ah Fang is the result of excessive interaction between the husband and the opposite sex. It is understandable to have such sexual psychology as a wife. However, for the modern family, both husband and wife should give each other a spatial distance, allowing the relationship between people, including normal interaction with the opposite sex. This relationship includes: between colleagues, classmates, friends, etc. As long as they are for cause, unity and friendship, they do not need to think too much as a wife. If the wife is suspicious of spurs, it would seem unnecessary to have big jealousy.

Of course, the wife’s idea can be used to tell her husband indirectly or directly on appropriate occasions to obtain her husband’s sympathy and understanding. Such sexual communication or emotional communication is necessary for sexual harmony. Otherwise, the deeper this kind of misunderstanding or suspicion, the deeper it will inevitably affect husband and wife’s love and husband and wife’s feelings. It often leads to falsehoods that lead to the breakdown of families. This lesson is not uncommon. As a wife, you should take warning.

As a husband, it should be known that between men and women, the taboo mentality of women is usually stronger than that of men, and there is more suspicion and vinegar. This is the weakness of female sexual psychology. On the other hand, this is also the advantage of women. One of the greatest strengths of women lies in the dedication and selfishness of love. As the saying goes: “How deep is love, how much hate there is.” Therefore, men should pay attention to a certain scale and have a sense of proportion in their dealings with the opposite sex, and they must not go further in order to prevent harm to his wife’s love.

Sexual fantasy

When the idols in the woman’s mind lose their image beauty, they often have sexual fantasies. The most peculiar way for a woman is to perfectly integrate the image and fantasy with the imagination to recognize and feel the man she loves.

Asya in her thirties said in her psychological counseling: “When he was in love, he looked sturdy, white shirt, personality hairstyle… After marriage, he gradually changed, and his clothes often did not change every day for a few days. As soon as I was home, I went home and slept on the bed and snoring. When I saw this situation, my mood was gone. I used to dream that I could have a swift and clean Prince who had come to know me. Beside him, with him I would like to dedicate everything to me…”

Azhen, who is in her 40s, said: “When her husband’s unit’s economic efficiency is poor, he sighs when he returns home. There is no spirit at all. Although I persuade and comfort him, I have no improvement. Although I love him and feel bad for him, I do not know why, I often dream of being with a young lover. Really, I always like this fantasy.”

The generation of these two women’s sexual fantasies was not accidental. It was precisely because the husband’s image was not beautiful and germinated. This husband should understand. One of the differences between humans and animals in sex is the existence of sexual fantasies in human sexuality. Sex psychologists believe that as long as sexual fantasies are not excessive, it is not a bad thing. A bit of sexual fantasies will make sexual love more harmonious, romantic and sexual. For women, their sexual fantasies tend to be more romantic, they love to imagine a Prince Charming lover, and they linger in romantic environments. Young women are often the object of fantasy sports elite, movie stars or singers; and middle-aged women are the object of fantasy mostly their own lover and their loved ones.

While moderate sexual fantasies are not a bad thing, excessive sexual fantasies can affect couples’ sex and even lead to disruption of couples’ feelings. Therefore, as soon as the wife has sexual fantasies, she may wish to tell her husband that the reason for the generation of sexual fantasies is that the husband’s image is not beautiful. As a husband, you should try to establish a beautiful image in your wife’s heart in order to re-awaken the opposite sex effect between husband and wife.

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