What is vomiting after running?


Unless you have an iron stomach, you are likely to cause vomiting because of running. Many people believe that rushing shows that you are running fast enough, but it is not true. Causes of vomiting caused by running may include the following 5 points:

1, digestive system strike

When running, oxygen-rich blood will be transported to the lungs, heart, and other muscles that are undergoing high-intensity exercise. At this time, the digestive system such as the stomach will become inoperable due to lack of blood supply, especially It is when you eat too much during or immediately after running. This is also true when running in a hot, humid environment where blood is delivered to the surface of the skin to cool you down.

In order to avoid this happening on the day of competition, it is necessary to practice the meal and time in peacetime training. If you are eating gels or other sugary foods, drink as much water as possible to aid digestion. Because monosaccharides are difficult to break down, it can be troublesome to use excessive sports drinks or gels.

Dehydration also slows digestion. Therefore, it is often important to drink water early, which can help you digest food better. But also pay attention to balance, because drinking too much water can also cause nausea.

2, increased stomach pressure

High-intensity running increases abdominal pressure and this pressure is applied to the stomach. Because you will use more of your core muscles while you run, and you will breathe more heavily. This pressure may cause stomach food to reflux into the esophagus. If you eat and drink too much before running, it is more likely to happen. Everyone has different food intake, so it is very important to determine the physical limit, especially the limits in the game.

Some runners may also be faced with a problem called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). This is due to the weakness of the lower esophageal sphincter and its relaxation when they should not be relaxed. This condition can be treated with medication or away from diets that stimulate the esophagus (eg, acidic foods, tomato products, greasy foods, alcohol, coffee, etc.).

3, intake of the wrong food and drink before running

Before running, be careful to avoid eating highly acidic foods such as citrus fruits (oranges, berries, grapes, etc.), processed cheese, and drinks such as soda or orange juice. Acidic foods and beverages will make the stomach environment more acidic, slowing the rate of stomach contents entering the small intestine and increasing the risk of vomiting.

Pre-run also prohibits the consumption of high-fat, high-protein or high-fiber meals and snacks, as they also slow down the gastric emptying process.

Try not to eat within two hours of hard training or competition; if you want to eat, eat only a small amount of digestible food. In case of poor consumption, an antacid or alkaline salicylate should be taken about 1 hour before running to reduce the risk of nausea or vomiting.

4, stop too fast

You cannot stop immediately after the last interval of training or after passing the finish line. At this point your stomach is still unable to adapt to sudden changes in speed. This is similar to the feeling after a roller coaster ride. And especially if you are sprinting at the last stage, the situation may be even worse.

Stop standing on the side of the road and try to take a walk or run for a period of time to prevent the stomach cramps. At the same time, prevent eating food or drinking sports drinks immediately. Drink saliva first, take a walk, and let the body return to a calm state before eating and drinking.

5, excessive dehydration

If you love to sweat, you may be sick. If you lose more than 4% of your body weight while running, you are likely to cause nausea because of dehydration. This is especially true for runners who supplement body fluids during practice. Running out of course does not mean that you are running well. Vomiting can cause damage to the inner wall of the esophagus, which can affect digestion.

As long as you pay attention to the above points, you will basically not run out of the situation.

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