The secret of science hidden behind the breakup

When you fall in love, you don’t love and leave. Breaking it up seems simple, but there is a lot of scientific knowledge behind it.

Men are more likely to break up because of sexual betrayal, and women are more likely to “say goodbye” for emotional deception.

The study found that if a woman betrays her body, she will be more decisive when she breaks up. From an evolutionary point of view, sexual betrayal poses a direct threat to the inheritance of a man’s genes, leading to the inability of her genes to pass on. For women, male emotional deception hurts them more.

The secret of science hidden behind the breakup
The secret of science hidden behind the breakup

Domestic violence

Both men and women cannot endure domestic violence. If the partner is moody and changes the other half with the child, the other half will consider the separation more quickly, and it is easy to get support from relatives and friends.

Money factor

A new study found that fighting for money is the most likely precursor to divorce, and it is more than a quarrel between sex, relatives, and children. At the same time, arguing for money is longer and more intense than other quarrels. The author of the study believes that when the two sides fight for money, both will lose their sense of security, and the subconscious will also be prepared separately. The

Breaking up is like addiction and time is good medicine

The feeling of breaking up is like addiction. Studies have confirmed that falling in love with drug addiction has similarities: both are difficult to quit. The discomfort caused by many people after their separation is caused by withdrawal. At this time, time is the best medicine.

Four Reasons Women Have Broken Up Ideas

1. Often one person

Some netizens said that “there is often one person acting like a wolf”, “giving priority to their own interests, and leaving me alone” and “it would be strange if he had been chatting with other women.”

Once the love of love falls, it will become more important to their own ideas and cherish their own time, and even in a period of time will not feel the important presence of lovers. If this happens, let yourself calm down and look for the other person’s advantages!

2. Mind-minded

“When I wanted to drink the beverage he had bought, he didn’t give it, saying let me buy it myself,” “He’s angry to show me,” “Looking for money for my brother to find me. As it is, I hope he won’t say it.” “.

If the relationship between the two does not progress too deeply, these may be enough to cause a breakup. The more you understand the personality of your partner, the more you may doubt it.

3. Do not understand the minimum courtesy

“Littering, because I want to break up,” “When I want to see the contents of a product, I just open the package. I wonder if that can open up. Then I broke up immediately.”

Although it is not a behavior of courtesy, but still want to forgive! They actually want to point out the problem and the other person can correct it immediately.

4. Have no confidence in their words and deeds

“I saw him do not know what to do,” “Heard people’s bicycle bells, they quit to one side, too weak,” “It’s too naive to want to take the escalator in the opposite direction.”

A boyfriend who lacks masculinity or naïve instincts can change it, so it’s best to consider the character and learn to accept it. The

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