10 memory-enhancing lifestyles

Forgetfulness does not mean loss of intelligence, experts say, amnesia and age does not necessarily relate, and most can be improved. Remember the following 10 secrets to make your head remember more securely!

Astronomers say space is limited, which is good news for those who don’t remember where things are going. “–Woody Allen

Maybe you can’t admit it, but lately you’ve been forgetting-forgetting to pay for utilities, forgetting how to set up your home video recorder, forgetting to reply, forgetting the name of the person you just met.What’s going on, are you old?

Why is the brain gradually useless when it is prime? Or you just passed at, do you want to start aging, worry about Alzheimer’s disease, memory is gone?

According to experts, many people have amnesia, and this temporary amnesia is normal, not all due to age. 30 or 40-year-old people have amnesia, the biggest reason is often too busy life. Because too many things at the same time, may interfere with the human body’s message processing system, and thus hinder memory ability. When your mind is filled with work, family and children, and countless meetings and tasks, a good head can be missed.

The good news is that the memory loss caused by stress of life is not a permanent disease, and the way to overcome it is not difficult or even interesting. Moreover, the older the wiser, is not impossible. Studies have shown that, in normal circumstances, one-tenth of the human mind can continue to increase the mental capacity of more than 80 or 90 years of age.Smart to 90.

In the end, how to increase the memory, no longer forgetful, so that the old brain is not confused? How can you be the one-tenth? I suggest you start today with the following 10 ways to enhance your memory:

Take good care of the "headquarters" of the body, look at these four measures for the health of the brain.

First , want “good head”, the body should be “strong and strong”: do you often exercise? Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent memory loss by promoting blood circulation in the brain and increasing sensitivity. Experts recommend that you do more aerobic exercises, especially those that require complex and coordinated movements, such as dancing or playing tennis.

second, eat a good memory: the human brain to normal operation, vitamins and minerals are important, the ordinary diet should pay attention to vitamin B group intake. Recent studies have also shown that women who take in the right amount of iron and zinc during menopause can help strengthen their memory. In recent years, the health food market in Europe and the United States lecithin, Ginkgo Biloba extract, but also by a number of studies have demonstrated the effect of strengthening memory.

Be aware of the problem of high blood pressure and cholesterol. If you think your memory is getting worse, ask your doctor to check the medicine you are taking, and some medications (such as the treatment of colds and allergy-resistant antihistamines, hypertension, cough, motion sickness, sleeping pills, and painkillers) may have an effect on your brain.

third, diligent mental exercise: after the 50-year-old people, because of the biochemical changes in the brain, causing a loss of brain cells, memory will indeed slightly worse. But new research suggests that not everyone who goes into old age will have a bad memory. The results of the memory test showed that about two or three of the more than 80-year-olds were similar to those aged 30 or 40. The key to the old man’s not being confused: to do more challenging intellectual activities.

The brain is not old, and the brains are more. According to a study by Pennsylvania State University that tracked 5,000 men and women for 35 years, people with good adaptability, who like to learn new things, go to new places, read and express their abilities, are more likely to maintain mental capacity in old age. Play Mahjong, play bridge, puzzles and other puzzle games, learn new computer software, learning to play the piano and other activities, memory is also helpful, are to let your old brain is not old “brain movement.”

Experts also warn that retired people tend to isolate themselves from the crowd, and that “isolation” is not good for memory. To maintain the enthusiasm and interest in life, business, so that the brain never closed.

four, concentrate: to concentrate, not greedy, want to do 40 things. You forget, often because you are distracted, or have been thinking about what to do next. The brain must be conscious of what it is doing, or it will not be able to remember. Concentrate on what you are doing, and if you need to take your medicine every day, make sure you concentrate on it, lest you forget to take the medicine.

Moreover, it is not enough to remember for yourself, but to really try to remember. One way is to shout out what you want to remember, such as “I put my keys on the table” and “I’m going to the bank”. In addition, when reading or listening to people, you have to stop to think about what you just read or hear, and think about the details, such as the appearance of a thing, the taste, the feeling of something to you. When your brain stores information, the more details you give it, the better the memory will be.

v. Training observation: Some experts believe that this is one of the best ways to prevent forgetfulness. Provide you with a practice method: each time you go to a new place (whether it’s a waiting room, a store, or a friend’s house), write down 10 things in your room, and when you leave, think carefully about where the 10 items were just put.

write down: the way to list, write calendars and diaries is important. In case the list is gone, you can look back at the type of task (the number of calls you have to make, the billing you want to pay, where you want to go).

Seven, image, give meaning: the name can’t remember, is the most common forgetfulness problem. You have to learn a little skill, for example, to use visual or linguistic associations to help your memory. I suggest that you use a lot of picture thinking, it is said that Leonardo da Vinci, Edison and Henry Ford and other people are using “pictorial diary” to help hair.

Each person’s memory method is different, the key is, as far as possible will not remember things, and must remember things in tandem. For example, to remember the phone number or password code, you can associate it with the most familiar date or number.

Eight, Practice information reading method: For example, your car temporarily parked in the third floor of the sixth District, 14th, before the car, you can put the information in the head (parking position) repeated “read” several times, when needed, will find it easier to remember more.

Nine, if you do not remember, relax: hit the tip of the tongue but can not think of the brain “short-circuit”, rather than continue to rack their brains, as another way to find a way. For example, if you can’t remember the name of a restaurant, think about its appearance or the experience of the last time you visited it. Otherwise, just throw it away and think about it for a short while.

Learning to relax skills also helps strengthen memory. When nervous, people’s memory tends to be worse, experts suggest, you can use a few minutes of time, imagine a quiet space, such as the seaside, let the senses of the sensory connection with it: look and listen to the waves, feel the breeze, smell the fresh air, take a deep breath. After relaxing, memory will also recover.

10. Read before bedtime: Another way to improve your memory is to read and read before you go to bed. Experiments show that

The same information, reading before bedtime, is more than a person who reads at other times of the day. Experts believe that this may be because reading before bedtime information in your sleep alone in the brain, less than other factors interfere with, and thus improve the memory effect.

Finally, how can you tell if your memory loss is abnormal or is it a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease? In fact, doctors say, if you’re worried about your memory getting worse, congratulations, you’re probably normal. Instead, they say, “I think I’m fine, but those people my wife used to say I’m forgetful” may be more dangerous.

Another point is that people who have Alzheimer’s have a rapid degradation of their memory over a year, and those with age-induced amnesia often see no noticeable signs of memory loss in the first few years.

If you are deeply forgetful, then you have to ask a physician to evaluate the drug treatment and various risk factors, recommend you to see a neurologist, do memory function of the special test, can really determine how forgetful you are.

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