Japanese research team discovers substances that promote cancer metastasis

According to a report from Japan’s Kyodo News Agency on June 20th, a group of researchers from Japan’s Shiga Medical University said that the protein called “EMP1” that promotes cancer metastasis has been discovered on the 19th.

Cancer Cells – How to be health

Researchers believe that if we can grasp the amount of EMP1 will become a marker of whether cancer is easy to metastasize, if we find substances that inhibit its activity, it is possible to develop new agents that prevent cancer metastasis or spread to the surrounding. The results have been published in the electronic version of the international professional magazine.

The team analyzed the genes that played a role in cancer cells at the initial stage of metastasis and found that the gene that produces EMP1 is active on the cell surface.

The researchers produced prostate cancer cells that produced a large amount of EMP1. After the cancer cells were transplanted into the prostate of the mice, the cancer metastasized to the lymph and lungs. In contrast, transfer of prostate cancer cells that did not produce EMP1 was not found. This concludes that EMP1 is closely related to metastasis.

In addition, the researchers also found that EMP1 on the surface of cancer cells binds to other proteins in the cancer cells, improves the ability of cells to metastasize, and promotes cancer metastasis.

Researchers believe that the death caused by cancer is mostly caused by metastasis, indicating that “the hope is to reduce metastasis-induced death by inhibiting metastasis.”

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