Stay up late watching the World Cup? It’s bad for the liver!

After the World Cup in Russia came to a time when football fans had a four-year collective rally, but due to the five-hour time difference between Moscow time and Beijing time, the most exciting football games were concentrated at 22:00-the next day 2: 00 starts, want to follow the live broadcast, staying up late is essential…

But you didn’t know that while you were “refining and rejuvenating” for the World Cup, you also planted huge hidden dangers for the outbreak of liver diseases. Some media reported that some fans had been caused by unbridled stay during the World Cup. The onset of acute hepatitis eventually killed the liver due to atrophy.

In China, there are statistics, in the previous World Cup period, the liver disease infection, recurrence rate will increase by about 10%, the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, Gastroenterology Huang Wei chief physician said that during each World Cup, outpatients with liver disease are violent Increased trends, staying up late, unclean diet, excessive emotional fluctuations, and so on, all contribute to the onset of liver disease. Fans must pay extra attention.

Stay up late watching the World Cup? It’s bad for the liver!

During the World Cup, the prevention of liver disease worsening these acts can not be!

During the World Cup, these seemingly inadvertent actions will overload the liver, with little attention to irreversible liver damage, so be sure to avoid these “minefields” of liver damage.

One, continuous day and night

As we all know, the damage to the liver during day and night is very large, and it is analyzed from the perspective of Chinese medicine, because at 3:00 in the morning from 11:00 to the next day, it is the time when metabolism and detoxification functions are most active. If it is still not asleep at this time, it will Insufficient hepatic blood leads to the accumulation of “junk” in the body that cannot be promptly removed, causing liver damage.

Western medicine has also done a corresponding study found that in the crowd of day and night, transaminase will appear elevated phenomenon, elevated transaminase means liver cells are undergoing inflammation, necrosis or edema and other reactions, indicating that the liver cells have been damaged, expert analysis This is because diurnal disturbance can cause endocrine disorders and imbalance of intestinal microflora. These bacteria “hide” the immune system to clear the liver and cause liver cell damage, which leads to elevated serum transaminases.

Experts suggest that since it is impossible to avoid staying up late, the best salvage measure is naturally “make up for lost sleep”. In addition to keeping the normal nighttime rest time as much as possible, it is best to take a break in the afternoon. If you are working hours, 15 – In 30 minutes, young people are usually 2-3 days old. People over 40 years old can recover their body in about 5 days.

Second, beer with late night

Beer is always the “best partner” in watching the World Cup, but it is also the most common cause of liver damage. Huang Wei introduced that more than 90% of the alcohol entering the body is metabolized by the liver, and ethanol and its metabolites have a liver. Toxicity, while increasing the burden of liver detoxification, can also damage liver cells.

The barbecue in day and night contains carcinogens, big fish and meat because of high fat, high protein, not digestible at night, resulting in fat accumulation, triggering the emergence of fatty liver.

Experts suggest that at night, it is best to choose some foods that raise liver, and the diet is light and easy to digest. For example, oats, barley, beans and sweet potatoes, fruits such as apples, pears, oranges, cherries, strawberries and other fruits are also very good.

Third, strong tea or coffee resistance to fatigue

Whether it is drinking tea or coffee at night to compensate for sleepiness, or working with tea or coffee during the day to fight fatigue is not a good choice.

Huang Wei explained that although caffeine has a refreshing effect, long-term drinking can easily consume the nerve and muscle-related vitamin B groups in the body. If it is lacking, it will lead to more serious consequences. In the evening, it is recommended to choose milk stomach, in fact, jujube water is better, has a certain conservation of the liver, and promote the detoxification effect of liver detoxification.

Fourth, mood swings

The World Cup football competition is more stimulating, leading to a high degree of tension in the fans. Emotions also fluctuate with each attack. Winning or losing can also cause fans to be happy and frustrated.

Excessive emotional ups and downs in a short period of time may not be a good thing for the liver, because changes in the mental state can easily change the immune endocrine system and are vulnerable to infection by viruses or bacteria, leading to recurrence of liver disease.

As football fans concentrate on watching football matches, they are inevitably in a state of high tension and mood swings, and they often lead to the recurrence of liver diseases.

Fifth, eat too cool food

Summer watching, ice cold drinks and air conditioning are essential, for the liver is a “blow.” “People with poor digestive functioning hepatitis drink frozen beverages, easily affect the digestive function, stomach upset.” Huang Wei said.

In addition, in a confined low-temperature environment, it can easily cause air pollution, breeding bacteria, and damaging the liver. It is suggested that during the watching period, it should be possible to move up during the break, to breathe fresh air on the balcony, or to keep the indoor air flowing.

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