In addition to memory loss, dementia is one of the top 5 symptoms that should not be taken lightly.

People with dementia are prone to forgetfulness – How to be health

Mr. Lin, 57 years old, found himself often unable to express exactly what he was going to say two years ago. He wanted to say that toast would be “a piece of something that can be eaten for breakfast”. To say the key, say “take it” Something to open the door, but other life and work can take care of themselves, he did not care about such a situation, until two years later, the family’s talent found him a serious problem.

Ms. Liu, a 68-year-old woman who was a volunteer at the library after retirement, also likes to sing with her friends. However, the family found that her grandmother cancelled her activities. Even the family gatherings were not interested in attending and she was almost at home all day. After repeated encouragement from family members, grandma was willing to come to the hospital.

Dr. Li Yirong, chief physician of neurology at the Renai District of Taipei City United Hospitality Hospital, said that these two cases were diagnosed with dementia after a series of examinations. However, compared with memory loss, other cognitive impairments, such as the above mentioned language Functional and social behaviors are often delayed by patients and families who think they are tired or emotional, and miss the opportunity for early diagnosis and intervention.

Li Yirong stated that according to the latest clinical diagnostic criteria, in addition to the decline in learning and memory, dementia should be considered if there is a decline in language, executive function, attention, visual space, and social interpersonal cognitive function. may.

It is suggested that people find friends and relatives around their lives if they find that their speech is not as smooth as before, they cannot recall names of certain commonly used objects, their ability to use utensils is reduced, their judgment of concentration is degraded, or they lose interest in previous activities. Precautions such as dementia should not be taken lightly and should be sought immediately by a professional physician to arrange a complete examination and diagnosis and treatment based on the condition. With early detection and early intervention, it is expected to delay the progression of some symptoms.

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