5 effective methods to prevent flatulence of stomach

5 effective methods to prevent flatulence of stomach
5 effective methods to prevent flatulence of stomach

Although indigestion and flatulence are not serious illnesses, the outbreak is really life-threatening. Not only is appetite serious, but it also hurts to roll on the ground. It is very uncomfortable. In the end how to avoid flatulence, flatulence can eat something to ease it? How to be Health helps you to develop 5 good habits to avoid the flatulence!

The air in the intestine is much more and less, and it will lead to flatulence. The gas in the upper gastrointestinal tract mainly comes from the air that is eaten while talking and drinking with a straw, or the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract will ferment the food to produce gas. Most of them will be excreted by snoring or farting, but when gas accumulation in the intestines is too low to be discharged smoothly, it will cause flatulence, stomach toot, and even stomach discomfort.

Improve flatulence discomfort, 5 habits must be done

Good habits 1 / chewing slowly, very much avoid eating while talking

Chatting at the meal is not only easy to forget the weight you eat, the more you eat, the easier it is to inadvertently swallow too much gas and cause flatulence. It is advisable to eat slowly, relax and enjoy the food in your mouth when you eat. Let the dining time not be less than 20 minutes.

Good habits 2 / avoid gas production

Potatoes and sweet potatoes are good sources of staple foods. They can provide resistant starches and dietary fiber that are difficult to digest and absorb. They are good helpers for many people when they lose weight. However, due to their indigestible properties, if they take too much, they can easily accumulate Intestines, in turn, are used by bacteria to produce gas that causes flatulence.

Soy beans, peas, and other legumes are good sources of protein, but oligosaccharides in legumes are also less likely to be digested and absorbed, which can lead to increased gas in the intestines and increase bloating.

Good habits 3/drink less carbonated drinks, use less straws

The carbonated drinks are chilly and thirst-quenching. With bubbles, adults and children can’t help but take a sip. However, these bubbles can make the intestines full of air. If you choose to drink with a straw, you will inhale extra gas.

Good habits 4/ Adequate probiotics

Healthy flora can make the process of digestion and absorption of food in the intestine go more smoothly, reduce food accumulation in the intestine for too long to cause excessive fermentation of bacteria, or poor food absorption.

Good habits 5 / fruit enzymes help digestion

Indigestion, prone to flatulence, may wish to help enzyme to help the intestinal tract! Papaya, pineapple, and other fruits have proteolytic enzymes that can be used to marinate meat or to be served together. They are all able to tenderize meat, help digest protein, and reduce uncomfortable flatulence caused by indigestion.

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