Why do mosquitoes always like to “pro” you? Rescue mosquitoes constitution secret

As the summer approaches, along with the long-awaited holidays, there are also mosquitoes that can’t be escaped or thrown off. In fact, 20% of the world’s population is more likely to be “favored” by mosquitoes than others. Why do mosquitoes prefer to bite some people? According to the “West France” report, a survey conducted by the Smithsonian Institute in the United States showed that mosquitoes are very sensitive to certain factors, and these factors will encourage them to prefer to bite certain people. Blood type, genetics, even drinking beer, clothing color will become an important factor affecting the choice of mosquito bite targets.

Why do mosquitoes always like to “pro” you? Rescue mosquitoes constitution secret

blood type

Mosquitoes look for proteins in human blood. Studies have shown that O-type blood and A-type blood are more likely to attract mosquitoes than B-type blood. 85% of people’s skin secrete volatile chemicals. They float in the air around the skin and become the “antenna” for mosquitoes to find their target.

carbon dioxide

The carbon dioxide produced by breathing is also one of the important basis for mosquitoes to find the target of biting. The mosquito can even detect the carbon dioxide exhaled by people 50 meters away. Children’s breathing produces relatively little carbon dioxide, which is one of the reasons why adults are more susceptible to mosquito bites than children.

Exercise and metabolism

In addition to carbon dioxide, people whose average body temperature is above normal will attract more mosquitoes. Mosquitoes determine the target based on the lactic acid, uric acid, ammonia, and other substances that are emitted when people sweat.

Skin bacteria

Studies have shown that the specific types and numbers of naturally occurring bacteria on human skin can also affect people’s attraction to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes especially like to bite the ankle and both feet because the composition of the bacteria in these areas is more stable.


What is even more surprising is that a study shows that drinking beer will make mosquitoes more likely to favor us. Researchers had suspected that this was because drinking increased the alcohol content in sweat or increased body temperature, but they did not find evidence to support the idea, which made the preference of the mosquitoes for drinkers become an unsolved mystery.


Pregnant women attract mosquitoes twice as much as ordinary people. Coupled with an increase in body temperature, pregnant women exhale 20% more carbon dioxide than others.

Clothes color

This may seem a bit ridiculous, but mosquitoes use the vision to “locate” humans. James Dylan of the University of Florida in the United States said that for mosquitoes, clothing with dark colors such as black, navy and red will make you more visible and easier to find.

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