Five strokes to make fried rice become nutritious

For a long time, the “status” of fried rice in people’s minds was not very high. For some people, fried rice is nothing more than a way to handle leftovers, let alone nutrition.

First of all, the raw material for fried rice is leftovers and once reheated, vitamins will be lost, especially vitamin B1, so the nutritional value is not as good as the newly cooked rice.

Second, after storage, the starch in the rice will have a certain degree of ageing and rejuvenation. When the texture hardens, the digestion rate will also slow down, which is not suitable for those who suffer from indigestion.

Again, during the process of frying, fried rice must be filled with some oils, which will increase the energy value and fat content of fried rice. If fried rice is used as a staple food, it is not conducive to maintaining weight.

Five strokes to make fried rice become nutritious
Five strokes to make fried rice become nutritious

In the end, rice is basically not free from stuttering, and it is always necessary to cooperate with various dishes to ensure food diversity. However, after making fried rice, it did not provide enough vegetables and did not meet the principle of food diversification. However, it is not easy to draw conclusions about whether a type of eating is healthy. In fact, as long as we apply some cooking techniques and nutritional wisdom, fried rice can still be incorporated into a healthy diet, can contribute to food diversification, and even become part of the diet of patients with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension. To do this, just use a few small methods:

1. Increase the diversity of ingredients. Not only do you add eggs to fried rice, you can also add a lot of vegetable ingredients. Such as mushrooms, mushrooms and other fungi vegetables, bamboo shoots, carrots, diced celery, yellow bean sprouts and other vegetables, such as a variety of dried bean curd and boiled chicken breast, and even a little pine nuts, broken peanuts, broken walnuts, etc. Nut ingredients. After such collocation, the color, texture and taste of fried rice can be more colorful and the nutritional balance can be improved.

2. Reduce the proportion of polished rice. When cooking rice, you may wish to add a variety of grains and beans, such as barley, millet, oat rice, etc., can also be added in the fried rice, sweet peas, soybeans, sweet corn and other fresh seed ingredients to match. People will unexpectedly discover that chewy, high-fiber coarse grains will become more fragrant and more delicious after fried rice.

3. Reduce the oil consumption of fried rice. Rice is a starchy food. When cooked in an ordinary pan, it is easy to stick. If you use a non-stick pan to fry, you can avoid excessive oil and stick pan problems. In addition, try to put oil only once during fried rice. Put the oil and saute seasoning first, and add vegetables, peas, diced mushrooms, etc.. When it is half-cooked, add rice and fry. Finally, pour the eggs into the pan and let it evenly stick to the surface of the rice. Can achieve less oil and delicious “gold wrapped silver” effect.

4. Control the amount of salt for fried rice. Because fried rice should be used as a staple food, if too much salt is added, it will cause the trouble of excessive sodium intake during a meal. Therefore, fried rice should be mixed with a variety of spices, in addition to the most commonly used green onion, can also be a small amount of cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, curry powder and other spices, increase the aroma, make up for the loss of salt caused by the loss of taste. In addition, it is also possible to substitute chicken salt for salt instead. Since the amount of sodium in the chicken essence is about half of the salt, if it is replaced in equal amounts, it can reduce the amount of sodium, but also increase the flavor, more easily accepted by people.

5. Use fried vegetables with less oil. Although the fried rice has already contained a portion of vegetables after the rich ingredients, it is still far from the goal of 500 grams of vegetables and 200 grams of vegetables for one day, and almost none of them contain green leafy vegetables. Therefore, fried rice can not be used as a meal, for example, with some vegetable foods. At the same time, taking into account that oil has been added to fried rice, the cooking of vegetables should pay attention to less oil, such as green leafy vegetables made of boiled, oil boiled, stir-fry, raw mix and so on.

After adding a large amount of ingredients, fried rice becomes an easy way to increase food diversity, and it is also a good way to avoid food waste.

For example, at home, a chicken was stewed, chicken soup was drunk, and winged legs were eaten, leaving behind white chicken breasts. Cut it into small pieces, add fried rice, and match the aroma of chopped green onion and pepper, and the family will readily accept it. For example, if the ratio of other ingredients to rice is 1:1 or higher, you can fry a bowl of rice into two bowls, especially for diabetics and dieters who need to control carbohydrates. They can use other ingredients to fill in the volume, especially sweet peas, fungi, bamboo shoots and other high-satisfaction ingredients, can still maintain a good satiety in the case of reducing half of the white staple food, is very beneficial to control weight.

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