Do these 3 sports well Diabetes people can also live long!

No matter what kind of disease can only take proper exercise, it can speed up the body’s metabolism, and it can help the body to recover quickly. It is also a good choice for exercise to live long.

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1. Jogging

By taking jogging, diabetics can reduce blood sugar by jogging, and they can improve the sensitivity of insulin, increase the absorption and utilization of glucose by bones, and thus consume excess energy from the body and improve blood sugar conditions.

In addition, jogging can also increase the movement of muscles, so that the rapid decomposition of fat, promote the body’s use of fat, cholesterol, and metabolism to reduce blood lipids, for the prevention of diabetes caused by cerebrovascular disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis and Coronary heart disease has a certain role. However, when jogging, choose half an hour after eating. Try not to exercise before eating or before going to bed, otherwise it will affect sleep.

2, take a quick walk

Diabetes patients can take brisk walking to control blood sugar. By brisk walking, they can burn the glucose in the blood better, thus strengthening the regulation of the body’s glucose metabolism, increasing the utilization rate of glucose and reducing the blood sugar and urine sugar. It also reduces body weight, increases the sensitivity of the cells inside the body to insulin, and reduces the need for insulin.

Not only that, but swift walking also helps maintain the blood flow of the lower extremities, protecting the feet and preventing the occurrence of diabetic foot. However, only 30 minutes after the onset of diabetes can be seen before the effect, only after 30 minutes of exercise, the blood sugar will be a lot of consumption, hypoglycemic effect will be very obvious, so quickly walk to maintain about 30 minutes.

3, swimming

Through swimming exercise can improve the body’s blood circulation, thereby improving the body’s ability to digest and absorb, enhance the function of various organs and systems, have a certain role of adjuvant therapy for diabetic patients, long-term adherence to swimming can make the heart become more The development is conducive to contraction, and people in the body of cold water will consume a lot of glycogen, can better burn fat, swimming at the same time have a certain amount of exercise on the legs and feet, to prevent the occurrence of diabetic foot.

However, before swimming, diabetics must make necessary checks on the body and eliminate cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. If they have already suffered coronary heart disease or high blood pressure complications, they will not be able to perform swimming exercises. Otherwise, they will cause danger. Swimming should be performed 60 minutes after a meal. Swimming on an empty stomach can lead to hypoglycemia. Swimming for the first two hours will affect sleep quality.

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