Longevity men have these 6 big habits

Health and longevity are what many people long for, but most modern people have bad living habits, especially male friends like to smoke and drink, which will accelerate aging, so male friends should realize that if you want to live long, there are some bad habits that should be changed. Drop it.

Longevity men have these 6 big habits
Longevity men have these 6 big habits

Men’s Six Good Habits Help Longevity

1, eat less meat, especially red meat

Eating less meat is for the sake of heart and blood vessels. Eating less meat, especially red meat, can effectively reduce the risk of heart disease to 29%.

The red meat here is generally only pork, beef, and mutton. These meats contain more saturated fat. If you eat too much, cholesterol will accumulate on the blood vessel walls and cause arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. occur.

And long-term consumption of red meat and processed meat will increase the risk of colorectal cancer and colon cancer.

2, drinking less

Drinking less is for the sake of the liver. Even drinking beer requires less drinking and can reduce the risk of liver disease by 85%.

3, sitting soon

Sitting in the prostate soon will have a great effect, because sedentary will oppress the prostate, so be sure to exercise properly, you can walk or jog, will have a great effect on the prevention of prostate.

How do men live longevity? What methods do they have for longevity?

4, drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water can effectively achieve the role of cleaning the kidney, because the kidney acts as a filter in the human body, most of the waste in the human body is filtered through the kidneys and eventually discharged from the body, so in life must pay attention to the cleanliness of the kidneys Work, and drink plenty of water can achieve this effect.

Research data show that a person needs to drink at least 2 liters of water every day, which can reduce the probability of kidney disease by 80%, and can also eat some honey properly every day, so that the risk of kidney disease can also be reduced by 18%.

5, quit smoking

Quitting smoking is to reduce the harm to the lungs, because smoking is great for lung damage.

If you want to raise lungs, you can eat some soups for lungs. In addition, you should eat more white radish, kiwifruit, and squash, melons, peaches, sweet potatoes, etc. in your daily life. These foods are very effective in raising lungs. And eating kiwi every day can reduce the risk of lung cancer by 36%.

6, more exercise

There are many ways to exercise, and this link is mainly to protect the health of the colon. The population in urban areas has very little exercise, so there are more and more people suffering from colon cancer. The key to effective prevention of colon cancer is to strengthen exercise. A very effective and appropriate amount of exercise, suitable for all ages.

Moreover, studies have shown that insisting on aerobic exercise, especially jogging, can effectively prevent the time the stool stays in the body, and can prevent colon cancer from the root.

Men’s anti-aging food

1, garlic

Men want to prolong their lives, of course, to prevent death on their own male disease, and the prostate is one of them, for this disease has been plaguing many men. In order to reduce the probability of suffering from this disease, Xiao Bian suggested that men can eat some garlic every day in moderation.

Do not reject this food because of its relatively heavy taste. In fact, it can reduce the chance of men suffering from prostate cancer, thereby prolonging the life span of men. The reason why this food has such an effect is mainly because it can inhibit the production of joint enzymes in cholesterol and fatty acid synthesis, and the level of cholesterol is directly related to steroid hormone synthesis and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Because it has such a role, it can reduce the male’s chance of suffering from this disease, even if the man has been suffering from the disease can also eat it in moderation, because it also has the effect of improving the disease.

2, black rice

Rice is the food that people must eat three meals a day. Do not ignore its role because of its common nature. In addition to the common rice, there is a kind of rice that is suitable for men. It is black rice. There are many roles of black rice, such as blood lipids, eye-catching eyes, blood and other blood, men often eat not only health care, but also can longevity.

Some people will say, what is the difference between it and ordinary rice? In fact, Xiao Bian wants to say that there is a big difference. Because this kind of rice is very high in terms of food value and medicinal value, it is a good product in the court in ancient times, and has the reputation of Gongmi.

3, leeks

Among the many vegetables, there is a vegetable that is popular among men. This kind of vegetable is amaranth. Do not underestimate this kind of vegetable, it has many effects.

For men who suffer from loss of appetite due to stress or other reasons, they can eat leeks in moderation because it contains botanical aromatic volatile oils that promote appetite. In addition to this role, it also has a stomach, liver protection, intestines, blood circulation, play a role in promoting the health of men.

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