Can women drink green tea during menstruation?

Many women love to drink green tea. Green tea plays a very important role in human health. However, women should pay special attention to drinking green tea. Drinking green tea during menstruation is not only not helpful for physical health, but may cause certain problems for the body. Get up to see what’s wrong with drinking green tea during menstruation!

Can women drink green tea during menstruation?
Can women drink green tea during menstruation?

Women need more high-speed iron food during menstruation

Women face a large amount of blood loss during menstruation. At this time, the important element of the human body’s synthetic hemoglobin, iron, will also be lost along with the blood. The study found that in addition to normal iron loss in the body, women also lost an additional 18-21 mg of iron per menstrual period. Therefore, women should add more iron-rich foods during menstruation, such as black fungus, liver, etc., so as to avoid iron deficiency anemia.

Do not drink green tea during menstruation

Affect the absorption of iron

Women do not drink green tea during menstruation. It is because the combination of tannic acid contained in green tea and iron molecules in food will form a large amount of precipitates and hinder the absorption of iron molecules by the intestinal mucosa. The thicker the green tea, the greater the impediment to iron absorption. Therefore, it is best for women and anemic patients to drink less strong tea in peacetime.

Increase constipation

Female menstrual periods often have constipation symptoms, mainly due to the secretion of luteinizing hormones. Since tannic acid in green tea has astringent effect, it can slow down bowel movements, cause bowel movements to remain in the intestines, and also aggravate constipation symptoms.

Increased menstrual reaction

Due to the change of neuroendocrine regulation during menstruation, women often have different degrees of stress, headache, breast tenderness and other reactions. The caffeine and cocoa theophylline in tea have exhilarating effects and can increase dysmenorrhea and headaches. In response to menstrual periods and backaches, female friends should avoid these reactions and should control their emotions.

Health Family Reminder: For women who are accustomed to drinking tea, if they do not adapt to abruptly stop drinking tea during the menstrual period, they can try to gargle with tea, which can satisfy the tea addiction, and can also make the mouth refreshing and comfortable, eliminate bad breath and protect the teeth. The role.

Do you know which menstrual misunderstandings

  • Experts pointed out that the normal mature women’s menstrual cycle is more regular, and menstrual color is normal light red, menstrual flow is normal, irregular menstruation occurs in women is mainly extended or shortened cycle, menstrual volume is too much or too little, some There are blood clots and other symptoms, and women’s common misconceptions about menstrual irregularities are mainly manifested in:
  • Menstruation will be inherited. Menstruation to some extent is affected by genetic factors, because the mother’s menstruation comes earlier, her daughter’s menstruation will indeed be earlier. However, in addition to genetic trends, nutritional status, physical and mental health, geography, and various external factors all affect the timing of menarche.
  • Chocolate and sweets can improve dysmenorrhea. Often hear such words, when you use dysmenorrhea can use the right amount of chocolate and sweets, it is not true that a large number of sweet food intake during the physiological period, not only can not play a role in eliminating physiological symptoms, but tend to cause blood sugar instability, increase the physiological symptoms .
  • Unfixed physiological period is abnormal. Physiological cycle stability is normal, and the ideal cycle is an average of once every 28 days. However, this cycle is not completely fixed. Some women will advance one week in advance or delay one week. It is normal physiological period, women do not have to worry too much.
  • After marriage can relieve dysmenorrhea. This is a misunderstanding of many unmarried women, thinking that as long as marriage, dysmenorrhea will disappear on its own, and in fact, dysmenorrhea is a manifestation of irregular menstruation, and there is no great correlation with whether to marry, pregnancy and childbirth can ease dysmenorrhea Because the pregnancy stretches the uterus, the contraction is no longer so severe. The endometrium is also relatively easy to fall off, and it will not be so painful.

Menstrual care

Keep the genitals clean. Female genitalia are more complex in appearance, more creases, and dirt is easy to accumulate, so it is extremely important to maintain the health of the external genitalia. Always wash regularly, change underwear underwear frequently, develop the habit of daily cleaning the vulva. The wash basins and towels used in the bath should be separated from the wash basins and towels, and should be used by dedicated personnel to avoid infection. Take a bath shower. During the menstrual period, soft, absorbent, and sanitary napkins are used. The famous sanitary napkin brands include Shubao.

Avoid getting wet

During menstruation, keep warm and avoid getting wet. In the menstrual period, there are often uncomfortable feelings such as backache, lower abdomen bulge, whole body weakness, body resistance is reduced, easy to suffer from some diseases, care should be taken to avoid getting wet or cold, such as rain, drowning, cold shower, swimming, cold Day long work in the field and so on. Excessive cold stimulation can cause menstrual disorders. Frequently in a humid, cold environment, it can cause excessive menstrual bleeding, prolonged menstruation, or inducing other diseases.

Avoid strenuous exercise and overwork

During menstruation, you can participate in study and work as usual, and you can participate in proper physical exercise. Can do some light physical labor and walking and other appropriate activities, but to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy physical labor, do not overwork tired, to avoid increasing abdominal pressure and vibration pelvic cavity to reduce bleeding.

Maintain normal life patterns

First of all, the spirit must be happy and optimistic, avoid worry, sadness, pain, and unnecessary mental burden. A small number of people are emotionally unstable during the menstrual period. They are very excited, upset, and they like to lose their temper. They should exercise restraint. Second, we must have adequate rest and sleep time, pay attention to increase the nutritious diet, do not eat raw, cold, hot and sour and other irritating foods, but not to smoke and drink. Drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables and fruits, and keep your urine clear. When menstrual irregularities are encountered, they must be promptly referred to a hospital for examination and symptomatic treatment. Do not take drugs and injections at will, so as not to delay diagnosis and increase the difficulty of future treatment. Director Ho reminded: Find problems and actively cooperate with doctors to achieve satisfactory results.

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