A2 milk on shelves Dairy company said not to be allergic

A dairy company in Washington said that they found a milk that did not cause allergies, called A2 milk. This milk is produced by a special group of cows, which lack a protein and therefore do not cause indigestion.

The cows’ milk from the cows looked and drank no different from ordinary milk, but it was a bit different. This so-called A2 milk lacked a common protein. Proponents said that this milk is easy to digest, but opponents are afraid to agree.

A2 milk has entered supermarkets and is sold alongside almond milk, lactose-free milk and organic milk. Each half gall of milk is more than one dollar more expensive than regular milk.

A2 milk on shelves Dairy company said not to be allergic
A2 milk on shelves Dairy company said not to be allergic

Family farmer Dan Ripley said: “This milk has only A2 protein and is easier to digest.” The Ripley Family Farm is located in Upstate, New York, where it produces and sells its own milk. However, international companies are also marketing this milk. Nestlé recently launched A2 baby milk powder in China. At the same time, Australia’s A2 Dairy Company is also targeting a lucrative Northeast market in the United States.

This milk is not advertised as containing lactose-free protein. Most dairy cows have A1 and A2 proteins in their milk, but some cows do not contain A1 protein in their milk. People who support this product say that it is A1 protein that causes flatulence and other adverse reactions.

However, many scientists do not agree. Margaret Voss, nutritionist at Syracuse University, said there is currently not enough evidence to come to this conclusion.

Margaret Voss of Syracuse University said: “Some people’s enzymes cannot digest A1 protein properly. This is right. However, scientifically, we have not yet done enough research. We have no clinical In the trial, a lot of evidence is contradictory.”

James Raeberg’s restaurant in Buffalo, New York, sells A2 milk. He said that he used this milk to make oatmeal, or add it to other foods, without causing any discomfort.

Raeberger said: “I feel more comfortable and my stomach feels good.”

Although Ripley’s farm and Australia’s A2 milk company are very different in scale, both said that A2 milk can improve the situation of dairy farmers, cope with the long-term decline in milk demand and the dilemma of falling wholesale prices.

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