10 things easily mess up your sex life

“A bad impression needs ten good impressions to make up for it”, but in sexual life, it is often difficult for some inappropriate sex to have the opportunity to remedy. Some wrong sexual behaviors are likely to affect sexual harmony, cause coldness, and even ruin a good marriage. Recently, a number of sexologists have summed up ten things that must be avoided in sex, and give an interpretation.

Sexy beauty-kkkkhealth
Sexy beauty-kkkkhealth

1. Agree to do something you feel uncomfortable. Trying new ways of sex can indeed bring freshness and increase stimulation. However, do not reluctantly accept your partner when he or she proposes something that is unacceptable to you or a way to make your body feel uncomfortable. Surveys have shown that when one party reluctantly accepts certain sexual methods (such as the use of sex toys), it is likely to cause sexual shadows and thus produce sexual aversion. Of course, do not directly reject the partner’s suggestion. You can tell him (her) that you need time to try whether this method is suitable for you.

2. Often pretending to climax. Many women pretend to climax during sex, feeling that this is a “good lie” to the lover. However, pretending to be a climax will create a psychological frustration for both parties, and the climax will be even lower in the future. It is suggested that when the female climax is approaching, give hints to the partner, such as “I am fast”, “come on”, etc. Some couples will have tacit language indications before the climax, such as habitually biting their ears.

3. Only pay attention to each other’s genitals. Putting all your attention on the sex organs is not only more difficult to mobilize the other’s passions, but also causes the body’s discomfort. Don’t ignore the back, inner thigh, chest, neck, etc. in sex, which is a highly sensitive area for men and women.

4. Answer the phone or send a text message. There is nothing more disheartening than being interrupted during the intimacy process. Suddenly stopping to answer the phone or return to the e-mail during sex will make the lover feel neglected and the libido may disappear instantly. Therefore, if you want to enjoy sex, it is recommended to mute or shut down your phone.

5. Does not make any sound. A survey in France found that when a partner spoke, it was the most unacceptable performance for men. During sex, everyone wants to confirm whether or not their partner enjoys it too. The voice is the best signal to express. When sex is recommended, don’t endure it. Be sure to make a sound. Whether it is whispered or simple praise, it is perfect. The “catalyst” of life is a great encouragement for partners.

6. Just focus on how to reach a climax. If you always think about when orgasm, it’s hard to focus on the moment and enjoy the process. Do not insist that you must have a climax, try to enjoy every moment, you will find more fun and easier to get an orgasm.

7. Say too much. The bed is a good place for communication, but don’t be fooled. Talking too much and breaking your mouth can affect your sexuality. Trying to make a sensible conversation while you are making love can make you have no libido. You can use actions instead of words, or say something in your lover’s ear.

8. Little active kiss. The study found that many people (including women) do not kiss their partner during sex. The reason is that sexual gestures are unfavorable to each other, or they are too eager to reach a climax. But experts believe that the lack of a kiss during sex will reduce emotional satisfaction. The best way is to kiss more during the foreplay.

9. Always thinking about imitating pornography. Sex in real life is totally different from pornography. Your sexual love does not need to be so exaggerated and thoughtful. Just follow the feeling and both parties feel comfortable. So, drive away those shots in your head and follow the body’s guidance.

10. Fully press your body on your partner. When taking “up and down”, do not avoid pressing your body for a long time on the other person’s body, affecting the other person’s smooth breathing and destroying their sexual interest.

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