Men have menopause, too? What are the symptoms of menopause?

When it comes to menopause, many people think that only women have menopause. Men actually have menopause. What are the symptoms of men’s menopause? Get to know it today.


What are the symptoms of menopausal men

1, cardiovascular aging

As men get older, the chances of cardiovascular diseases are getting higher and higher, such as the deterioration of the elasticity of blood vessels, the hardening of blood vessels, and the narrowing of blood vessels, which are all likely to occur after menopause. Happening.

2, loss of libido

For men, sexuality is a matter of great concern. After a man enters menopause, his sexual desire will be reduced much more than before. At this time, don’t worry too much if he or she will not be able to do it again. In fact, this is just a period of menopause. Some of the normal effects come.

3, lack of concentration

Middle-aged and old men often feel that their spirits are not good and they obviously have enough time to rest, but the next day it is the spirit can not be concentrated, the whole person is very listless, do not be nervous, this is a manifestation of menopause brings you .

4. Insomnia becomes frequent

Many men fall asleep when they come to bed, but menopausal men experience insomnia. Although they feel tired, they cannot sleep in bed.

5, indigestion

Most males are carnivorous animals, so indigestion is a common occurrence in life. This situation becomes more apparent during menopause. At this time, men’s diet is recommended to eat lighter.

Men’s symptoms of menopause In addition to these mentioned above, there is physical deterioration, frequent sweating, bad temper, etc., then how should men menopause conditioning?

Men’s conditioning methods for menopause

1, adjust the psychological

If men are in a bad mood, then the whole person must be very much lost. At this time, when men feel the effects of menopause, they must adjust their mentality in a timely manner. Otherwise, it is easy to be run by bad feelings brought about by menopause.

2, exercise

Middle-aged men generally have a blessing. At this time, bodily functions are slowly degenerating. If you don’t want to be troubled by menopause, it’s better to get up and exercise more. Your body will become energized after exercise. A lot of cheerful, the symptoms of menopause will naturally be reduced.

3, pay attention to diet

Experts believe that when men enter menopause, they can eat more strong bones and bones, benefits of refined foods, such as lamb, beef, shrimp, etc., these foods can make men better against the discomfort caused by menopause.

4, the law of life

After entering menopause, men must maintain good living habits. Do not stay up late, stay up early to bed and get up early, and do not smoke or drink alcohol. The daily diet should be balanced, spicy foods should be eaten as little as possible, and you should have time to do housework. Under exercise, you can maintain good health.

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